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Does This Book Really Work? 
Yes. Since 1998 over 70,000 people have used the strategies in Stop Your Divorce to
help save their relationships.
The difference between Stop Your Divorce and other relationship books, is the book
is written for the one person who wants to save the relationship.
None of the strategies require both people wanting to work on the relationship. These are practical things you can do and say to change their mind about leaving...especially 
if you're the only one who's working on saving the relationship.
Of course, if the strategies and information in the book are not helpful to you, you can get
an immediate 100% refund by emailing
Is Stop Your Divorce Available Through Book Stores?
Yes. You can special order Stop Your Divorce through most book stores,
including Barnes & Noble, Borders, and BDalton.
What you need to do is give them the following information:
Title: Stop Your Divorce
Author: Homer McDonald with Dean Jackson
ISBN 0-9712554-0-7
Copyright 1998 - 2011
Publisher: NewInformation!, Inc. Winter Haven, FL
Contact: 1-800-428-7801
They will order you a printed copy of Stop Your Divorce for $99.99
and orders are shipped within 2 weeks of receipt.
Most book stores do not charge an additional fee for special orders.
How Long Have You Been Online? has been online since June 19th, 1998.
Can I Get A Printed Copy?
Absolutely. If you'd like a printed copy of Stop Your Divorce, click here to order online

or just send a check or money order for $99.99 (includes printing, shipping and handling) payable to:

NewInformation!, Inc.
302 Martinique Dr
Winter Haven, FL 33884
Include a piece of paper with your Name, Address, Telephone Number
and include your Email address so we can let you know when your order
has shipped.
Orders are shipped on the Friday following the date checks are cleared,
so you should have your book within 2 weeks.

Orders paid by money order, are shipped within 2 business days after receipt.

We ship via United States Postal Service 2-day Priority Mail.
Most domestic orders arrive within 3-5 business days of shipping. Orders to Canada and abroad may take longer.

Can I Order By Phone?
You can also order either the ebook or a printed copy by phone.
Simply call 1-800-428-7801 24 hours a day

Why Is "Stop Your Divorce" Priced At $79.99
You're absolutely right that $79.99 sounds kind of high, and I want to share with you 
a couple of reasons why.

The single biggest cost of publishing an ebook like Stop Your Divorce is
the cost of making it available exactly when people are looking for it.

If you found out about Stop Your Divorce by doing a search engine query in
any major search engine, we may have paid up to $1.25 just for you to find and
click on at the moment when you were searching for an 
answer to your marriage or relationship problem.

Stop Your Divorce is more like an in-depth series of sessions with a
marriage counselor. The book was written in large part by me interviewing Homer
McDonald for over 16 one-hour sessions. 

I asked him very specific questions someone going through a divorce they don't want would want answers to and had him share in precise detail the psychology behind why those strategies work, and exactly how to apply them to your situation.

Homer is an expert in saving marriages. He's been saving marriages for
over 47 years now, and people routinely pay him $575 for a one hour telephone counseling session. (You'll get his contact information in the book)

So, $79.99 is a fraction of what it would cost for even one hour on the phone.

Of course, since you don't have the advantage of picking up the book and browsing through it like you would at a book store, we offer a 100% money back guarantee,
so you're not risking buying a book that has no value to you.

 If it isn't what you're looking for, or it's not helpful to you... just email us at and we'll immediately (and cheerfully) refund your money.

What's an Ebook and How Does It Work?
 An ebook is short for electronic book.
The advantage is you get your book right away, and download it to your
computer, so you can either print it out or read it on your screen.
As soon as your order is processed and your credit card or check approved
you will be taken to a page with very detailed instructions on how to download
your book in either Adobe Acrobat PDF format (which requires the FREE Adobe

Acrobat reader probably already installed on your computer)

The entire ordering and downloading process takes just a few minutes.

How Will This Appear On My Credit Card?
The charge on your credit card will appear as NewInformation! Inc. Publications

If you are getting a printed copy shipped to you, it will arrive in a USPS priority envelope with a return address that says NewInformation! Inc. -- there will be no indication of the title of the book on either your credit card statement, or the shipping envelope if you order a printed copy.

What Is Your Refund Policy?
You can order Stop Your Divorce with complete confidence. We have a 100% refund policy at any time for any reason. No questions asked. Refunds will be for the price of the book. 

Simply email and your refund will be processed right away.

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