Eingerichtet wurde die Gattung 1861 durch Hagen. The specipic name comes from the Latin flavescens, meaning "yellowish," and refers to its distinctive golden tint. Status: Indigenous . The English common names "Wandering Glider" and "Globe Skimmer" refer to its migratory behaviour.

Wandering Glider Pantala flavescens S4 G5 HR South, locally rare Common Whitetail Plathemis lydia S5 G5 North and South Saffron-bordered Meadowhawk Sympetrum costiferum S4 G5 HR South, locally rare Cherry-faced Meadowhawk Sympetrum internum S5 G5 North and South White-faced Meadowhawk Sympetrum obtrusum S5 G5 North and South Ruby Meadowhawk Sympetrum rubicundulum S5 G5 … From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. It can disperse enormous dis-tances from its breeding areas and is able to cross oceans (Anderson 2009; Hob- son et al. Pantala flavescens – a new species for the fauna of Bulgaria ... as its vernacular name suggests, is a well-known migrant (Corbet 1999). The specific comes from the Latin flavescens, meaning "yellowish," refers to its distinctive golden tint. Pantala flavescens (Fabricius, 1798) Mga sinonimo; Pantala tandicola (Singh, 1955) Pantala mathewi (Singh & Baijal, 1954) Pantala terminalis (Burmeister, 1839) Pantala analis (Burmeister, 1839) Pantala viridula (Palisot de Beauvois, 1807) An Pantala flavescens in uska species han Odonata nga syahan ginhulagway ni Fabricius hadton 1798. Also can breed in rain puddles near stream or in the forest, also common in kalo lo‘i. 2012) or to fly over high altitudinal passes (Wojtusiak 1974; Borisov 2012). In the scientific name Pantala flavescens, the genus Pantala means "all wings," alluding to big and long wings.
Head of Pantala flavescens: Pantala, means "All Wing" alluding to the big and long wings. Scientific name: Pantala flavescens Common name(s): Globe Skimmer . A medium size dragonfly with rusty thorax, yellow or golden abdomen and have black spot above. Preferred Area of Stream: Thickly vegetated areas in stream bank areas, lower wetland areas near ocean.

Jump to navigation Jump to search See also category: Pantala flavescens. Countries: Native: Algeria Angola Argentina Bahamas Belize Bolivia Botswana Brazil Brunei Darussalam Burkina Faso Cambodia Cameroon Central African Republic Chad Chile China … Der wissenschaftliche Name Pantala bedeutet "Alle Flügel" und spielt auf die großen und langen Flügel an. Scientific Name: Pantala flavescens Common Name: Wandering Glider and Globe Skimmer. The German name Wanderlibelle mean "migrant dragonfly". Habitat: This dragonfly is found in streams and wetlands, and even commonly seen in city areas. Range Description: Pantala flavescens is a widespread and common migrant occurring worldwide in all tropical and subtropical regions. Pantala flavescens.

Die Gattung Pantala ist eine der neun Gattungen der Unterfamilie Pantalinae.In Ihr werden die beiden Arten Pantala flavescens und Pantala hymenaea zusammengefasst.