Different tons overhead crane for sale good price. 3 ton overhead crane is designed and manufactured to lift and move loads that weigh 3 tons or less. It is commonly found in machine shops, warehouses, maintenance and repair shops, storage yards, etc. 6 ton overhead crane belongs to small overhead crane. It uses electric hoist as its lifting mechanism to lift materials.

3 ton overhead crane is widely used in the warehouse, workshop, assembly factory, garage, workstation, and stockyard, etc. A 3 ton bridge crane is widely used outdoor and indoor situations to lift light-weight goods and materials. 4 Ton Overhead Crane Types. These workstation cranes are outfitted with graft joints that interface the track segments and are finished with vertical and flat conformity screws, encouraging the exact arrangement of the track segments. 30 ton overhead crane is widely used for heavy loads lifting and moving. If you want to carry heavy objects, you can choose other types of bridge crane. Generally speaking, three ton overhead cranes can lift or carry the heavy goods about 3 tons. Get your overhead crane with good price.

The crane can vary so much in terms of configurations and specifications. Harrington Hoists is one of the oldest hoist and crane suppliers in the United States. 3-ton crane is a sort of light-duty overhead crane, also famous as a small overhead crane.It has so many strengths, such as excellent design, compact structure, strong rigidity and long service time in of us.

TSOC provides a full line of Harrington Hand Chain hoists, including the CB, CF and CX Mini models. Depending on your requirements, we will assist you to select the right Topics: This video will show the major differences between overhead crane internal conductor bar and typical overhead crane festooning supplied with workstation cranes. 3 ton overhead crane is a kind of crane with light lifting capacity and used to lift and transfer goods with the weight not heavier than 3 ton.

3 ton overhead crane belongs to the light duty overhead crane. Model Capacity Span Wheel Dia. Browse OVERHEAD CRANE in the American Crane & Equipment Corp. catalog including Multiple Girder Cranes,Single Girder Cranes,2 Ton Stacker Cranes,Bridge Crane Kits,Jib Cranes,Workstation Cranes,Cranes & Hoist Parts,Nuclear,Custom Engineered Equipment Electric Hoist Model: SX4410050P3 Hoist Motor: 7.24/1.21 HP Trolley Moto ID: 671206 Quote + Demag Hyundai 3 Ton Overhead Cranes Capacity: 3 Tons Manufacture: Demag Hyundai Main lift Motor 7.5 Hp. Overhead Cranes, which can be further broken down into Gantry Cranes and Overhead Bridge Cranes, run on raised, parallel tracks.Due to their limited mobility, these cranes are typically found in industrial and manufacturing settings, but can also be used for maintenance applications. But when the height of the factory is limited, to get the maximized lifting height, the under running eot is the better solution to solve this problem. It has light weight and compact structure. Owing to small size, it can be used in the warehouse, workshop, factory, small space and used for lifting various materials and objects for customers’ business. Since the lifting capacity of single girder overhead crane is generally smaller than 20 ton, 30 ton over head crane adopts double girder configuration, and it can be used both for indoor and outdoor operations. Overhead Cranes for Sale Buy and sell unused and used Overhead Cranes at IronPlanet. It is the lifting equipment which has wide conditions of usage. Since the crane has light rated load, single girder configuration is good choice for the 3 ton overhead crane. AQ-LD series single beam overhead crane: this series cranes are suitable for many occasions such as warehouse, factory, maintenance workshop and so on.It features simple structure and low cost. 3 ton overhead crane is a pre-engineered modular crane that allows for easy relocation and/or expansion by simply adding runway sections and/or additional bridges. Equipment Overhead Cranes We provide an extensive range of cranes, for light duty applications and demanding processes. With capacities ranging from 1/4 Ton to 100 Ton, there is a Harrington Hand Chain hoist for any of your lifting needs.

Top running eot crane is the most common style. This small gantry crane 3 ton can be adapted to both indoor and outdoor situations, such as machine shop, warehouse, garage and freight yard to lift and move any type of materials. Overhead crane for sale. 3 ton overhead crane in our company has a rating load of more than three tons so that it is safe and reliable. Hot sale overhead bridge cranes with different capacities are as follows just for your reference: 1-ton cranes, 2-ton bridge crane, 5-ton cranes, 10t overhead crane, 20t cranes or cranes above 500 t capacities are all available to you in our Overhead Bridge Crane factory. 3 ton gantry crane is typically found in single girder construction to perform lightweight lifting applications. However, we fabricate the machine with the components in high quality so that our machine can lift the goods far more than three tons. Especially suited to the garages for installing, transporting, debugging of the equipment, goods-loading and unloading in the cars, hoisting large-scale engine in … Aimix Group provides overhead cranes with single or double girder as clients need.