These were usually brought in by large mouthfuls.

Asian barbets are usually birds of the inner forest.

The Bearded Barbet (Lybius dubius) is a species of bird that is found in tropical west Africa. One species, the Coppersmith Barbet, is adapted to life on the forest edge and in scrub. Elsewhere, various birds are given similar names…I must say that one dove species did annoy me during afternoons spent working in the hot Venezuelan sun! They are mainly solitary birds, eating insects and fruit. The remaining were insects (above right). This image was taken in Pilanesberg National Park, South Africa. The Coppersmith Barbet’s habit of issuing the call 80-100 times per minute, during the hottest part of the day, has earned it the nickname “Brain Fever Bird” (see video below). It is found in Colombia and Panama. The Brown-headed Barbet or Large Green Barbet (Megalaima zeylanica) is an Asian barbet. “About 70% of the food delivered consisted of fruits, probably figs (above left). Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests and heavily degraded former forest.

Black-collared Barbet is a common, woodland and yard bird whose familiar call is actually an antiphonal duet of two birds calling in synchronized response to each other. The Toucan Barbet follows a pattern seen among many softbilled birds. The Brown-headed Barbet is found in India and Sri Lanka, where it is found in gardens and wooded country. Asian Barbet Species... Asian Barbet Photo Gallery. The Great Barbet, at 210g and 33cm is the largest of the species, and among its relatives is only surpassed in size by some of the toucans. Food: The feeding habits of the Bearded Barbet include eating of fruit from both wild or cultivated trees, dispersing seeds along the way. Although mostly frugivorous as an adult, it will feed insect food to bring up its youngsters. More. Thus hoped I will run into them again as they are such beautiful bird species. Description. Black-billed Barbet is a northern sister species of Black-collared Barbet. Seen at the outskirts of Sinharaja forest, in images 1 and 2, this endemic beauty was looking for food by digging tree barks at the joints. The spot-crowned barbet (Capito maculicoronatus) is a species of bird in the Capitonidae family.

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As he was photographed from a distance, I was unable to get a perfect photo. These were difficult to spot as they were hidden inside the barbet’s broad, huge beak. They also consume some insects.

They will drink at nearly every chance, usually from tree crevices.