A pigeon sitting on top of a building. ... 8 July 2020.

It is not a question of how the birds ended up dead but what is happening in the atmosphere that made them dead. Mystery virus that spreads with close proximity is causing hundreds of lorikeets to drop out of the sky in Australia. Death of 300 birds in country road solved by police – but they don't share theory; Read More Related Articles. Roughly 100 starlings have been killed in the middle of a Spanish motorway – with one theory stating that the animals flew together so densely that an electrical charge from a pylon earthed through their bodies and incinerated them all at once.. Birds have been captured falling from the skies in a British town to spark bizarre conspiracies about the area's 5G network. Mystery after birds drop dead outside Brit hospital as conspiracists blame 5G. An hour later, many of … "Irrespective of where those birds are, it's a really challenging time for them to survive."

The lifeless bodies of birds littered the floor outside a hospital in Coventry – and conspiracy theorists have wildly claimed it's down to 5G . RAPID CITY, S.D. Click to play Tap to play. Birds are dropping dead across Rapid City. Share Comments; By. Share. A pigeon sitting on top of a building. Pictured are some of the 24 birds found dead under a single tree in Brisbane 'They fight each other like crazy and when they are biting and breathing on each other they spread the virus,' he said. A mysterious virus that spreads quickly in close contact is causing rainbow lorikeets to "drop out of the sky" across South-East Queensland. Joshua Brown filmed the birds lying dead all over the ground (Picture: Joshua Brown) A shocking video appears to show birds plunging to their deaths outside a hospital in the West Midlands. And 650 vultures in Guinea-Bissau and 50 birds in India were also poisoned and dead by some kind of compound. Simon Green Video News Editor. The disturbing video, filmed by a driver on February 16, shows dozens of the dead birds spread across the motorway between the cities of … Joshua Brown was visiting his grandmother at University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire in Coventry last week when he witnessed the bizarre sight. RAPID CITY, S.D. By Connor Matteson | Posted: Mon 4:08 PM, Jan 13, 2020. Video Loading.

HUNDREDS of birds ‘fall from the sky’ in US after ‘supernatural UFO attack’ Apr 14th, 2020. Elis Sandford. Birds 'dropped dead from the sky' on Anglesey lane When Hannah Stevens left her home for an appointment, she marvelled at the flock of starlings swooping overhead. 13:04, 16 OCT 2019; News. Birds are dropping dead across Rapid City. Video Unavailable. By Connor Matteson | Posted: Mon 4:08 PM, Jan 13, 2020.