In the ancient world, the Indian and Egyptian cultures were among those that used iris rhizomes for medicinal purposes and for the manufacture of perfume. Yellow irises symbolize passion.

The iris is a fascinating flower with its evergreen sword-shaped leaves and a large variety of colors for its flowers. It’s stately blooms range in color from traditional shades of purple and blue to yellow, white, pink, red, chartreuse, brown and nearly black. Now that we mentioned the goddess Iris, ancient Greeks believed that taking the Iris flower on graves of women recalled the goddess so that she can take these women to heaven safely.

The Symbolism of the Iris Flower. Their main characteristic feature is having two types of elegant petals called “falls” and “standards”.

Associating irises to the goddess of the rainbow like the Ancient Greeks did is fitting because there are over 200 species of irises that come in a wide variety of colors.

The meaning of Iris Flowers: The flowers of Iris symbolize wisdom, courage, hope and faith. You can simply find it in all the colors of the rainbow.

Iris Symbolism & Colors.

Another civilization that appreciated the Iris flower were the Egyptians.

Hope; Trust; Wisdom; Interesting facts about Iris: Flower Structure. White iris makes for bridal bouquet and yellow is the color of passion.

The flower color meanings were also taken into account to evince all kinds of sentiments. It also symbolizes royalty, representations of victory and power. Iris symbolism: Iris symbolizes wisdom, hope and trust.

For instance, purple represents admiration whereas a bouquet of iris believes to symbolize hope and faith.

There is an iris to… Blue irises symbolize faith and hope.

[6] [7] It blooms in the spring with dark black petals and is a national symbol of growth, renewal and change. Specific iris symbolism depends on the flower color: Purple irises symbolize royalty and wisdom. Blue Iris is a symbol of hope and faith, while yellow Iris represents passion. Even today, saying with the meanings of flowers is still practiced. What is the Meaning of the Iris Flower. Medicines and Perfumes. Black iris (Arabic: السوسنة السوداء) is the national flower of Jordan and can be found all across the country, particularly in the Karak Governorate.

Though, color of the flower brings a new and distinctive meaning to the flower. Iris flower can be proud of its rich symbolic meaning. This regal flower puts on quite a show in the garden in early to mid-summer. “Iris” means “rainbow” in Greek, fittingly representing the many colors of the iris flower.

The iris is often associated with royalty and it’s no wonder. Flowers provided an incredibly nuanced form of communication. Flower Meanings by Color. You can find thousands of varieties with delicate nuances, from orange to pale pink, yellow to rust, purple to almost black, sky blue to indigo.