Get Started. 305-791-3642; Home; Diaper Service. Cotton Diaper Service is a Great Choice for Busy Families! Cloth diaper service gives your family an affordable option for cloth diapering your baby that is easier than home wash, and more environmentally friendly than disposables. Get Started. We provide baby's around the island with clean, soft, comfortable, 100% cloth diapers every week. We have chosen cloth for our own children for many reasons. Paper Subscribe & Save. There is no rinsing or any preparation work needed! Add. Using state-of-the-art equipment and testing, we ensure that your diapers come out of the wash bacteria-free and pH balanced, while retaining their softness and absorbency. We understand that cloth diapering is not as easy as disposable diapers, but the future of our children and our environment encourage us to make a better choice. Receive a regular supply of pure, natural fiber diapers.

FAQ; Customer Portal; Sign Up Today; Shop. Diaper Service. Using cloth diapers has never been easier. Our mission is to provide a cost effective, healthy, natural and environmentally friendly alternative for diapering our children. We are open for business and practicing safe social distancing. Serving the following South Florida Counties: Dade, Broward, Palm Beach.

Our service is more than a convenience it is an indulgence.

A leader in the cloth diaper delivery service business, we take our decades of service to new parents in the Los Angeles, Orange County area seriously. We will come to you, show you how everything works & clean your diapers every week. Enjoy the benefits of cloth diapering without the work. Unlike the cloth diapers of the past, we now have velcro-tab, leak-resistant, breathable diaper covers to make changing baby fast.

Happy Nappy Cloth Diaper Service. Our drive comes from the one question that we ask ourselves repeatedly: Who will inherit our earth?

Cloth diapers decrease leaks and rashes and allow your baby's skin to breathe and be chemical-free. This service is especially great for newborns, as each bundle comes with 245 diapers and can be customized to arrive every three weeks. You can choose to use a Snappi® to keep the cotton diaper closed snugly, but the diaper cover will also keep the diaper securely on your baby. Call Now! We take the mystery & the work out of cloth diapering! Before your baby starts solid foods, just toss all diapers into the diaper pail. Locally family owned and operated. We are motivated to leave the smallest environmental footprint possible.