ultracrepidarian’s list 'dragon name ideas' of 268 great name ideas: Elmo - Hamnet! Chinese dragon; List of fictional dinosaurs; Index of fictional species; This article includes a species-related list of lists This page was last edited on 30 June 2020, at 17:42 (UTC). Generally, the bearded dragon may not respond to the name by which you call it out, but will turn around in the direction of your voice. I received an email from somebody with some great name suggestions. YOU CAN USE IT BUT I HAVE NOT COMPLETELY FILLED IN THE LIST OF POSSIBLE NAMES. If you don't like the name you get try variants Ex. As of the Legion expansion pack, it is the … And that is a great idea so down toward the bottom I have added a section for that :) Dragon Names . VoltageStorm said: Voltage Electro Flashbreak Thunderstorm Voltagestorm Hypersonic Thundershock Spiralstorm That’s all I have but feel free to use any other than Voltagestorm, also have a good day! That very day, Hiccup took me on a trip to Dragon Island. Types of Dragons Standard Western Dragon, Oriental Dragon, Dragonnet, Wyvern, Quetzalcoatl, Cockatrice, African Dragon, Hydra, Wyrm, Amphiptere/Amphithere, Knucker, Drake Dragon Name Generator. Now all the traps have been removed, but some may still remain. Shalamayne: Previously two elven blades created during the War of the Ancients in the Warcraft universe. He told me that back in the day when Vikings used to kill dragons, they used to set traps. Which in itself is a great name :) My thanks to Ann for the suggestions. Generated "dragon" names: Fijenri; Seastarrstreamcy So did the others. Fantasy Name Generator. Dragon names generated by FantasyNameGen.com. What are some great thunder/lightning dragon names? KEEP COMING BACK OVER THE … However, there could be certain instances wherein your pet bearded dragon might respond to a given name. Astrid taught me stuff about her dragon in a way no one had ever done. Christopher Chris Christopher Angel (last name) Chris Angel Christopher James (middle name) Angel etc... NOTICE: THIS NAME GENERATOR IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION. the mystic dragon guardian of the east in Far Eastern mythology. NeoNightclaw19 posted over a year ago: next question » Dragons Answers. The name means green dragon i.e. I added these suggestions but I also wanted to say that the person signed the email "Ann O. Nymous" lol! Try your luck to find out!