European Death Knot . EDK - European Death Knot. It is European Death Knot. In other continents and countries, this knot may have a variety of names; for example, in Australia it is referred to as the 'Dead knot'.

It is similar to a water knot, but both bitter ends come out the same side of the knot. Joined: 4 years ago.

The flat overhand bend (or "Euro Death-Knot") is widely used for joining two rappel ropes together. The knot can, however, flip and roll down the rope, coming completely untied. What does EDK stand for? 27/06/2020 5:15 am Rich Carlson Instructor and Adventure Travel Addict. All forum topics. In rock climbing, the offset water knot is a favored knot for joining two ropes for a rappel longer than half the length of the ropes. Tying options: Origin: Ashley named this the Overhand Bend (ABOK # 1410, p 258) and described it as “among the weakest of the bends” and used to hang hams, bacon, and bananas. Looking for abbreviations of EDK? Because of its asymmetrical profile, the knot tends to rotate away from the rock.

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What is the abbreviation for European Death Knot?


European Death Knot listed as EDK Looking for abbreviations of EDK? Euro death-knot (aka EDK or European Death Knot ) refers to one of a few offset knots used to connect two rope on rappels longer than 25 to 35 meters in length. Notifications Clear all European Death Knot Last Post RSS Canyons and Crags (@canyons-and-crags) Member Admin. To tie it, lay the two ends of the rope together, pointing in the same direction.

EDK abbreviation stands for European Death Knot. It is European Death Knot. Can be very useful in situations where speed is critical to safety. It is one of the most common methods of joining two ropes for an abseil/rappel.

The EDK, a great knot to join two ropes for rappelling...but unfortunately it has a horrible name - “The Euro-Death Knot.” For climbers who are concerned about safety (and no matter how cavalier some of us are, none of us have a death wish) why on earth would we use anything with “death” in the name? Overhand bend (also known as European death knot, Euro death knot, EDK): The Overhand bend is a simple and fast way to join two ropes, notably for rappelling. The flat side lays against the rock, which makes the knot pull smoothly across edges. Previous Topic. Also known as: European Death Knot, Offset Water Knot, Overhand Bend. He was writing before the knot was developed for joining two ropes for rappelling. Topic Tags . There is controversy over its safety, as it can fail by capsizing under high loads, and some American climbers refer to it as the European death knot, abbreviated to EDK. Euro-Death Knot (Flat Figure-8) Mysteriously Fails Many climbers use and love the European Death Knot (EDK), believing that it is the best knot for tying two ropes together. knots EDK. By Rock and Ice | March 23rd, 2016 .