The gerbil moves its ears to figure out where sounds are coming from. I currently have a pet mouse. Mice do not have cheek pouches. Rescues and Adoptions. Favorite Answer. Gerbil of the Month (Photo Contest) Winners. Moderator's Board.

Hamster, Gerbil, or Mouse? They’re more comparable to those of a rabbit than those of a mouse. The largest hamsters are about 5 inches longer than the largest mice. Rats vs. Hamsters (both syrian and dwarf)? Anonymous. Hamsters' bodies are also usually bulkier than those of mice, and they have special cheek pouches where they can store food. Favourite answer. 6 Answers. Hello! Hi there! Kallumap PetForums Newbie. A guinea pig’s ears are different. Answer Save. Hello, I've been wanting a small pet for a while now.

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Some more info about them: Rodent.

Mice, on the other hand have hairless tails and aren't as nice to hold as a gerbils, they tend to squirm more and could run away easier. Lv 5.

Other Animal Species. Reply; Gerbil vs. with ones are easier??? They look like a mouse’s ears except smaller relative to the size of the animal’s head. Facebook; Twitter; … Mouse? i don't know witch one to get.

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Only for Administrators, Global Moderators and Moderators! Answer Save. Joined: Dec 12, 2012 Messages: 7 Likes Received: 0. There are no pros and cons, they aren't appliances. 1 decade ago. These ears sit upright and can move around in response to sound. gerbil or mouse for a pet?

Forum Questions and Comments. Gerbil FAQ. Join Date: Dec 2006 . Share Thread. Tell me the pros and cons of each Thanks! Location: Notting Hill, London. I've been debating between the 3 listed in the title. A gerbil is larger than a mouse, and has fur on its tail. Relevance.

Mice vs. Gerbil vs. 1 decade ago. Games Board. ok, so i was at petsmart with my friend the other day, and i saw a really cute gerbil and a really cute mouse. Take note that because of their social nature, no mouse should be kept alone if possible. Off-Topic. Gerbil & Hamster Discussion Twitching whiskers, tiny paws, and all things gerbil or hamster related. Paw Talk - Pet Forums > Rodents > Gerbil & Hamster Discussion > Difference between mouse and a gerbil?
They are super pets! I personally would go for a gerbil or two. Each person has their own preferences and dislikes in the kinds of pets they have. karlh.

A small mouse and a dwarf hamster can be about the same size, 2 inches, but the hamster's much shorter tail means he has a larger body than the smaller mouse.

But I really don't know which 'small pet' to get. Member Website Links. Relevance. Instead, aim to take 2 or 3 same-sex mice of a similar age. I unfortunately have no cute pictures of gerbils to share, but I do have a question. Gerbil Memorial Board. Guest Board. 7 Answers.

In this way they will not only be happier, but also watching them play and explore together is far more enjoyable. I can't decide! But I've heard different things from all.