Diagnosis: pectoral fin with 4 threadlike filaments (Ref. Mark feels the giant African threadfin are mostly deep and far from the beach except every once in a while they move close and this is the spot. The problem is keeping a fly down deep in the zone for more than a few seconds. CITES (Ref. 4340) IUCN Red List Status (Ref. Giant African Threadfin can be especially difficult on fly, where an accurate presentation is often necessary to elicit a strike. ISNB, Brussels; MRAC, Tervuren; and ORSTOM, Paris. Native range | All suitable habitat ... Check-list of the freshwater fishes of Africa (CLOFFA). 57402, 81658).

Once hooked, Giant African Threadfin are unpedictable, erratic fighters. The threadfin Giant African occurs in the shallow and often muddy waters of estuaries and lagoons or along beaches in the Eastern Atlantic mainly from Senegal to Congo. The stunning coastline is also home to a rarely heard of fish species, the giant African threadfin. Best fishing hot spots seems to be Angola and Gabon. I learned of the giant African threadfin in 2010 when filming in Tanzania for the tigerfish piece of the Confluence film, Connect. !

This fish is a carnivorous feeder with a … 2. Lesser African threadfin Add your observation in Fish Watcher. After what seemed like an eternity and always very afraid of loosing what could be my first Giant African Threadfin we managed to put the fish inside the boat for a couple of pics Then the release, actually the fish was quite tired and it took quite a while to …

Pectoral fin inserted very low on body, generally somewhat longer than upper part of fin (Ref. Occurs in shallow coastal waters, over sandy and muddy bottoms, sometimes in brackish habitats (Ref. The Giant African Threadfin is a threadfin build found in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of the African server. The Giant African Threadfin is highly respected for the strong tackle-testing fighting abilities. Best tackle for Giant African Threadfin See all > Daiwa DAIWA SHAD 15 CM - 32 G AYU. Discover the global market of Giant African Threadfin, including top producing & exporting countries, real-time market prices, local product varieties, seasonality, production & export volumes

The Africans that hosted us were the founders of Tourette Fishing – … We rigged some basic rod holders and started trolling in the coloured water discharging from the river, and soon found giant Jack Crevalles, African Cubera Snapper and Giant African Threadfin, as well as some very brief encounters with Tarpon. Where Found: Internationally. A Case Study of the Fishery for Giant African Threadfin Polydactylus quadrifilis on the Kwanza Estuary, Angola Can Fishing Tourism Contribute to Conservation and Sustainability Via Ecotourism? That’s a big one… in fact the larges ever caught and weighed using Straightpoint’s Miniweigher Plus Crane Scale. One problem arise (on top of the hangover) we had never targeted Giant African Threadfin before, Chris had caught one very small one in the surf when targeting Corvina/Kob and had seen another one being caught as by-catch when targeting tarpon on live bait. It occurs in shallow and muddy waters from Senegal to Congo. ‘FYI your scales have been used for quite a few IGFA world records in Angola for inshore fish like Giant African Threadfin, Jack Crevalle, African Red Snapper but this is a billfish and one of the largest Atlantic Sailfish ever caught.’ Thank you to Iain Nicolson Director Geral – Cemtec for sending us this image 57343, 81658). Brief, in that they hooked up and after a couple of leaps and head shakes sent lures flying back at speed - duck!!! 118484 ) Not Evaluated CMS (Ref. 120744) Near Threatened (NT) ; Date assessed: 15 July 2014. Tackle House BRITT CBP 145 SINKING WORKS 14.5CM 03 (Ref.

World Record Sail Fish 60.9 kg weighed on a Straightpoint Crane Scale. Tag: Giant African Threadfin. 57402).