David A Guinea Pig tastes a little like Cantonese duck; in a wet and fatty sense. Cuy pigs are larger, have a lot of health issues and usually only live about two years, whereas the pet guinea pig version lives 4-8 … Adult guinea pigs weigh in at around 0.5kg (1lb) to 1.2kg (2.5lb) and measure 20cm (8 inches) to 40cm (16 inches) in length. ! The animal may be served fried, broiled or roasted, and in urban restaurants may also be served in a casserole or a fricassee. Half a guinea pig is enough for most people. He knew that, for first time guinea pig eating tourists like me, the real goal of the night was to let me leave the restaurant with evidence that I had once eaten a big furry rat.
From a personal point of view, I would definitely recommend Cuenca’s restaurant ‘Tres Estrellas’ in which to try guinea pig. Cuy is a The meat is prized and tastes like a cross between duck and rabbit. The traditional presentation (cooked whole ), crispy guinea pig, grilled guinea pig, roasted guinea pig and the delicious spicy guinea pig.

Guinea pig meat is high in protein and low in fat and cholesterol, and is described as being similar to rabbit and the dark meat of chicken. Guinea pig or ‘Cuy’ as it is widely known in Ecuador, is considered a delicacy. Guinea pig, or cuy as it is known, is a delicacy. Good though: beats sheep’s head soup! One portion of Cuy is good to share between two people and also comes served with potatoes, beans and corn.
Think small chicken.

Guinea Pig Specs. Clare B Guinea Pig is very rich, despite its size. In the guinea pig community, we call the Peruvian ones “cuy” and distinguish them, because there are actually plenty of differences. BBQ guinea pig There are no reasons why you should not try to eat Guinea Pig…. When properly prepared, the meat of a guinea pig is rich, fatty, and flavorful, while the skin, when roasted over a hot fire, gives pork crackling a run for its money. A lot of people have barbecued Guinea Pig, maybe this gives a more authentic taste? Middle-class foodies with a taste for exotic delicacies are also ordering, photographing and blogging about guinea pig. Well, not exactly, but close enough. And that’s exactly what it tastes like. delicious, great meat value and very healthy for your health! Enjoying its taste was a distant second.