King County Metro has operated and maintained Sound Transit Link light rail since it launched in 2009. They are built of grasses, sedges and cattails in shallow-water marshes and roadside ditches. If approved, the new agreement will continue the dependable service to the region through Dec. 31, 2023, and potentially through December 2029. Only thing holding this review back from five stars is that there are ALWAYS spiderwebs across the trail. King Rail is a large (262 – 425 g), rufescent Rallid associated with fresh and brackish marshes throughout eastern North America (Meanley 1992; Perkins et al. The King Rail is a relatively large waterbird with a long bill, long legs, short stubby tail, and short rounded wings. Virginia rail call 0:00 / Virginia rail (call) call Patrick Turgeon U.S. They are most active and visible at dawn and dusk. Common on the Gulf Coast, local and rare further inland. Virginia Rail habitat, behavior, diet, migration patterns, conservation status, and nesting. King rail nests are platforms up to nine inches in diameter, six to 18 inches above the water. King Rails are declining throughout much of their range, with negative trends large enough King Rail: Prefer fresh water, but will also use brackish and tidal wetlands, along the Gulf and Atlantic Coasts from Texas to New York. It is close to twice the length of the Virginia Rail, which is otherwise similar in appearance except for its grey cheeks. 2009). Northern birds migrate to the southern parts of their range for the winter. From six to 15 pale, slightly spotted brown eggs are laid in a shallow depression of the nest. Virginia Beach, Virginia 2 contributions Great rail to trail in the Dahlgren/King George area. Behavior Virginia Rails are very secretive birds that are more likely to be heard than seen.