Fire Monkey. Photo courtesy LAX. Never feed them: You shouldn’t be encouraging unnatural behavior by feeding wildlife anyway, but feeding monkeys is particularly risky. They have many different vocalizations, up to 50 or more, including a piercing alarm shriek. ISAAC supervises the multiple dynamic display systems in the terminal. … In addition, the control system allows easy and flexible manipulation of the equipment to help the staff perform single or multiple speaker presentations all day long. The owl monkeys are rain forest monkeys that have a bit of an owlish face that always seems to be smiling. What Smart Monkeys’ state-of-the-art system portal can do for parks and attractions by Judith Rubin. They are good at solving problems and taking leadership positions. And monkeys aren’t just interested in food — they’ll even grab water bottles. You may be attacked if the nibbles are being handed out too slowly. Smart Monkeys worked with Roscor Corporation to develop and implement the control system, scheduling and user interfaces for the audio, lighting and video projection that creates a unique visitor experience. Sometimes, they like showing off and being in the center of attention. The years of birth for fire monkeys in Chinese Zodiac are 1956 and 2016. Born in 1944 and 2004, wood monkeys in Chinese Zodiac calendar are lucky, passionate, smart, ambitious, and responsible. They are night eaters, usually in pairs, they go browsing and foraging, eating fruit, leaves, and insects in the dark forest. ABOVE: ISAAC (Integrated Scheduling and Automation Control) received wide exposure in the attractions industry when the Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX was honored with a TEA Thea Award.