$19.60. See more. Peacock Alley Quilted Matelasse Pillow Sham Ivory 37" X 23" MINT From Portugal.

noun A false pillow-cover; a pillow-sham.

shipping: + $6.00 shipping . noun A strip of fine linen, often embroidered, put under the upper edge of the bed-coverings and turned over, as if forming the upper end of the sheet.

#3 Author manni3 (305129) 21 Jul 07, 08:04; Comment #1 is wrong, it's just a decorative pillow case. Matelasse Pillow Sham MARTHA STEWART 20" X 30" From Portugal Lt. Green MINT . $29.90. Meaning of pillow sham. shipping: + $6.00 shipping . Covers are made of cloth, such as silk, known as the pillow case or pillow slip.Some pillows have a fancier cover called a sham which is closed on all sides and usually has a slit in the back through which the pillow is placed. What does pillow sham mean? Pr PILLOW SHAMS Croscill White with Pale Pink Embroidery Standard Size MINT.

$24.50. Definition of pillow sham in English: pillow sham. noun North American . shipping: + $6.00 shipping . Information and translations of pillow sham in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Pillow shams normally come in traditional pillow sizes: Standard Sham (26" x 20"), King Sham (36" x 20"), and Euro Sham (26" x 26"). A decorative pillowcase for covering a pillow when it is not in use. Shams are normally placed behind the pillows used to sleep on, which would be covered with regular pillowcases. Unlike the typical pillowcase, the pillow sham is often open in the middle of the back, with slightly overlapped fabric (or sometimes is closed with a hidden zipper). Pillows consist of a filler material enclosed in a fabric cover or shell. Von hier die Definition: Pillow Shams: Decorative coverings for pillows, often designed with trims, ruffles, flanges, or cording. Sham definition, something that is not what it purports to be; a spurious imitation; fraud or hoax. noun plural Gaiters. False; counterfeit; pretended: as, a sham fight. Definition of pillow sham in the Definitions.net dictionary.

Synonyms Mock, spurious, make-believe. Pillow sham definition: a decorative cover for a bed pillow | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples