Red-bellied black snakes are most commonly seen close to rivers, dams, streams, billabongs, and other bodies of water, although they can venture up to 100 m (350 ft) away, including into nearby backyards.

This species ranges through much of the southeastern United States, from Michigan to Delaware in the north, and Texas to northern Florida in the south, but it is absent from the Florida peninsula and the higher elevations of the Appalachian Mountains.. Habitat. This species can be found in a variety of woodland habitats but in the Coastal Plain is most common in or around the margins of small wetlands. Range and Habitat: Redbellied snakes are found throughout the eastern US, but are absent from peninsular Florida. In the Mountains they are often found in open habitats such as fields and mountain balds. They also range up the Mississippi drainage as far north as Southern Illinois and west to eastern Texas. Disjunct populations occur in the southern Mount Lofty Ranges in South Australia and in North Queensland. Red-bellied water snakes will eat fish, though their principle food is amphibians that they find while cruising temporary wetlands. This species can be found in … They are almost always found near a permanent water source, a lake, stream, pond, or other slow moving body. They have three off-white spots, one on the back of the neck and one on each side of the neck. Sometimes the spots can be joined into a ring.

Range and Habitat: Redbellied snakes are found throughout the eastern US, but are absent from peninsular Florida. Storeria occipitomaculata, the red-bellied snake, ranges from eastern North Dakota to Nova Scotia, south to Florida, and west to eastern Texas.The Great Plains may act as a barrier to the west, considering that they are also absent from large areas of remnant prairie lands in the parts of the midwest and east. This species reaches as far northeast as Cairns, Queensland, stretches as far southwest as Adelaide, South Australia and as far south as Melbourne, Victoria.

Geographic range.

Geographic Range. The underside is red. In our region, mud snakes are generally restricted to the Coastal Plain but extend somewhat into the Piedmont in western Georgia. Like all water snakes (Nerodia), red belly snakes practice ovoviviparity -- somewhat akin to live birth -- rather than depositing shelled eggs. They are usually about 1 foot long (the longest documented in Vermont is 13 inches), and have keeled scales. Range/Habitat. Red-bellied Snakes come in two colors, either brown or dark gray. Red-bellied black snakes, Pseudechis porphyriacus, are found in the Australian region along the east coast of Australia. Geographic Range. Red-Belly Snakes .