The adult male is a brilliant crimson red color with a black face mask over the eyes, extending to the upper chest. The upper body and wings are rather gray, so that your attention is drawn immediately to the beautiful face.

The adult weighs from 33.6–65 g (1.19–2.29 oz), with an average 44.8 g (1.58 oz). By the 1960’s the birds had spread to the islands of Maui and Hawaii.

Males and females look exactly alike; unlike the Northern Cardinal Americans know so well. The male averages slightly larger than the female. All red crested cardinal photographs ship within 48 hours and include a 30-day money-back guarantee. The northern cardinal is a mid-sized songbird with a body length of 21–23.5 cm (8.3–9.3 in) and a wingspan of 25–31 cm (9.8–12.2 in). Choose your favorite red crested cardinal photographs from millions of available designs. It is becoming more popular as a pet bird, and escapees have established populations in Hawaii and Florida. This beautiful bird was photographed on the island of … Today, the species is fairly well established on all the main Hawaiian islands. While female may produce three clutches of chicks in one season, all fledged birds remain with their parents, the male providing primary care after fledging.

The Red-crested Cardinal is a flashy bird with a scarlet crest, face, and bib, which contrasts nicely with the light bill, white neck, and white underparts. The Red-crested cardinal was introduced to Oahu and Kauai in the late 1920’s – early 1930’s from South America. The Red-crested, or Brazilian Cardinal is a small, outgoing bird commonly found over most of the South American continent. The Red-crested Cardinal is, from a human perspective, a sexually monochromatic species that inhabits semi-open areas with scattered trees and shrubs 55,56 from east central Argentina to …