Most of the common fresh water turtles can be restrained manually without much danger due to their small size.

Female Midland Painted Turtles lay 3-7 eggs in the Spring or early Summer.

This means that they will spend the majority of their lives swimming, eating and sleeping in the water.

Painted Turtle Aquarium Size.

Midland Painted Turtles.

Consequently, handling these turtles is … It reaches an adult size of only 5-6 inches.

The Midland Painted Turtle, Chrysemys picta marginata, is found from the Great Lakes of Canada south to Illinois, Tennessee, and Alabama. Shell top spot size Largely increasing at center (1) Larger than eye (1) Not largely increasing at center (1) Smaller than eye (1) Shell top texture Hard flat (56) Hard ridged (11) However, caution should be exercised as some (i.e., the red-eared slider and painted turtle) will readily bite. Color of The Painted Turtle: The shells are mostly found in black or olive colors. Painted turtles are an aquatic species. Shells may also vary. The females vary between 4 – 10 inches in size, whereas the males are 3 to 6 inches. Pragmatically, this means that your biggest concern when owning one of these turtles is how much water space you can provide in or outside of your home.

Infact, the skin also depends on the shell’s color.

Size of The Painted Turtle: As compared to males, the female counterparts are longer in body size.