Napu (Tragulus napu), a Southeast Asian ungulate, aka Greater Mouse Deer. Individuals can grow to 9.300000000000001 g. Family Dasyuridae Dasyurids Terrestrial, nocturnal marsupials Ningaui yvonneae Southern Ningaui U sually associated with spinifex habitat; rarely observed . The Wongai Ningaui has a head and body length of 64 mm, tail length of 65 mm and weight of 9.75g. Wongai ningaui, a common name of Ningaui ridei, is a tiny carnivorous marsupial native to the arid open grasslands of inland Australia.Their diet is mainly small insects, and occasionally larger prey such as spiders, grasshoppers and cockroaches, which they forage for at the ground and in clumps of spinifex. Ningaui is a genus of small species of the marsupial dasyurid family. Along with the planigales, they are among the smallest marsupials.. Taxonomy. Ningaui yvonneae Kitchener, Stoddart & Henry, 1983 accepted: AFD Coming from the genus of ningaui, ningauis are among the small members of dasyurid family. The Ningaui are mainly found - Mallee Ningaui, Ningaui yvonnae, Australia, New South Wales Similar in appearance to Ningaui ridei, found throughout central Australia, this species occurs in spinifex on semi-arid sandplains across the southern coast of the continent. Australian Aboriginal; from the name of a mythological being} … Common name: Southern Ningaui Scientific name: Ningaui yvonneae Status in NSW: Vulnerable Southern Ningaui, Peter Robinson, Viridans Images The Southern (or Mallee) Ningaui is a tiny (weighing 5 to 14 grams) carnivorous dasyurid (‘marsupial … Scientific name Common name Notes with reference to Gluepot Family Tachyglossidae Echidnas Tachyglossus aculeatus Short-beaked Echidna Terrestrial; occasionally observed.

Triodia provide southern ningaui with both food and protection. Ningaui — Ningaui … Wikipédia en Français. Southern ningaui do not have adverse effects on human populations, perhaps due to their small size, remote distribution, and secretive, unobtrusive habits. Ningaui yvonnae (Southern Ningaui) is a species of mammals in the family Dasyurid Marsupials. Noctule (Nyctalus noctula), a Eurasian bat, aka Common Noctule, or one of 8 species of bats in the genus Nyctalus. Conservation status in NSW: Vulnerable.

Kangaroo Island Dunnart Sminthopsis aitkeni. Name Source; Ningaui yvonneae inferred accepted: Victoria: Classification codes; Bare scientific name reallocated to Ningaui yvonneae Kitchener, Stoddart & Henry, 1983 by taxonomy builder. Ornithorhynchus anatinus. Ningaui ridei. The Southern Ningaui (Ningaui yvonneae) is a tiny but energetic predator that weighs only about 10 grams. Order Dasyuromorphia Family Dasyuridae Scientific Name Ningaui yvonneae Other Names Mallee ningaui Thumbnail Description The life span is so short that the female ningaui only produces one litter in her lifetime Habitat Unknown Distribution Western Australia, South Australia, New South Wales, Victoria Diet Invertebrates Reproduction 1 Population Unknown Lifespan Unknown Baby Name … Description The Southern (or Mallee) Ningaui is a tiny (weighing 5 to 14 grams) carnivorous dasyurid (‘marsupial mouse’) with a narrow muzzle and small close-set eyes. Bos and Carthew (2003) note that, during their field observations of N. yvonnae , southern ningaui did not seem bothered by the presence of humans and would even forage at the researchers’ feet. Short-beaked Echidna 2. Ningaui, tiny Australian marsupials in the genus Ningaui: Wongai, Pilbara, & Southern Ningaui. The Ningaui are closely related to the dunnarts. It lives in the mallee country and eats insects, spiders and small lizards. The commensal relationship between N. yvonnae and Triodia species, a genus of hummock-forming grass endemic to Australia, has been well-studied.