I mean it also has torpedos as well for underwater. This thread is for newcomers or poor people. Con can't use during setups. The stromberg is actually more effective than any other car with weapons. No need to bail out if a super-homing rocket comes my way for one. Both vehicles can be easily destroyed (with the Akula) but the deluxo is a lot more flexible and usable (for missions and so on). Il faut éviter les combats 50/50 (Stromberg vs Stromberg, deluxo vs Deluxo). Not just say X is better of Y and without any reason or giving thoughts. I use the stromberg and is ultimate tool for trolling any kind of griefer (except ofc stromberg ones) Deluxo rockets are hard to dodge but I kill all days deluxo tryhards using planes, so they are not a problem, I'm not afraid. Which is better and why? Anyhow I've used the Stromberg more personally. So they can make informed buys and don't waste money etc on expensive toys! I suggest you go with Deluxo. The deluxo can fly, but you're still vulnerable in the air. Edited March 11, 2018 by Ninja_Nicoya Keep in mind not only utility, but also fun and rp (roleplay) factor! Vigilante, pro it is effective at ramming the sh*t out of things and fast, con limited missiles. I have all 3. Please try to compare all of them.

Never hardly touch the Stromberg. Étant un joueur hélico j'ai bien du mal avec les deluxo, vous avez un bon véhicule à me conseillé pour y remédier ?J'ai vu que la Stromberg était pas mal recommandé ici. Though my Stromberg wasn't underwater for long at the time amd it's hard to tell how exactly I got hit (I never died after all). Tryhards seem to like the Deluxo these days but I've seen a lot more success with the Stromberg. enjoy :3 ːmeatyː Please no flamebaiting offtopic or such. Pro it's the best, con can't use during setups.

But only based on the fact that it can go underwater. Salut. It's slow on land and slow as he'll in the water. When using the stromberg, you can go underwater and no one can get you, unless they have a stromberg too. Deluxo is the best. Stromberg, pro can go in water. 2 years ago. The deluxo flies forever and gets boring really fast IMO.