A novel of relationships set in 1940s London that brims with vivid historical detail, thrilling coincidences, and psychological complexity, by the author of the Booker Prize finalist Fingersmith. Night Watch Restoration Project: See it live online or in person. (Probably on the occasion of its transferal, but no doubt for reasons of space, the painting was cut down on all four sides.

Other articles where Night Watch is discussed: Rembrandt van Rijn: Night Watch: The artist with whom Rembrandt was most preoccupied during the second half of the 1630s was Leonardo da Vinci, and in particular his Last Supper (1495–98), which Rembrandt knew from a reproduction print. The Rijksmuseum has launched the largest research and restoration project in its history on July 8, 2019: the restoration of The Night Watch.
The Night Watch was never hidden in some obscure location; it was first hung in the Kloveniersdoelen, the headquarters of the civic guardsmen, and in 1715 it was moved to the Amsterdam town hall, as prominent a place as could have been found for it. Rembrandt’s “Night Watch” - Analysis A. V. Grigorov Abstract: Rembrandt’s painting “The Night Watch” spells out the names of the two front figures. It is evident from several of Rembrandt’s sketched variants (1635)… The Rijksmuseum continuously monitors the condition of De Nachtwacht.