Fern Wood New Zealand Tree Fern Tropical Background Panel 12x6x0.6 Twin Pack. 5.0 out of 5 stars 2. sizes - approximately $12.00 per lb. 78. Tree Fern and Mounts (Click on picture for larger image) Flat Virgin Cork Bark: Price: Misc. Tree Fern Orchid Boards (also known as Tree Fern Plaques, Tree Fern Slabs, Tree Fern Mounts, and Xaxim Orchid Mounts) have been used for many years and are well regarded as the ideal mount for orchids, air plants, ferns and more. It helps your Orchid pots be more beautiful when Orchids bloom. Tree Fern Pots are created by hand from a natural material so dimensions of each pot and density of the tree fern will vary from … 99.

FREE Shipping. Fern … Round Virgin Cork Bark: Price: 2" to 8" diameter - $13.00 per lb. Mounts suitable for Orchids, airplants and other plants.

$26.99 $ 26. These "pots" are round and hollowed-out of solid tree-fern. MOUNTS: Watering Do it thoroughly; water runs off them easily and wets only superficially; evaporation is rapid and salt build-up is a good possibility. The miniature cattleya and the moth orchid are two orchids suitable both for beginning orchid growers and for growing on a mount.

Orchids that grow in the nooks of trees in their natural habitat are more likely to thrive on a mount in your home. A74-772 0 MOUNTS: Wooden, for Mounting Orchids Prepare the piece by cleaning the branch; spray with Cygon 2E, Diazinon or Malathion; leave to dry before attaching plant. 3. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. Then allow your orchid to wander across the top and maybe even down the sides as it roots firmly into the Tree Fern Pot.

FREE Shipping by Amazon. Mounting Orchid on tree fern a. A77-449 Brassavola orchids also take off on mounts, although they will outgrow small mounts quickly. Simply plant your favorite orchid in the center using moss, tree fern fiber or your favorite potting media. When choosing an orchid to grow on a mount, take a cue from nature. primulinum etc. Tree fern panel.

Mounts include Portugese Cork, Tree Fern and hollow logs. You should mount Orchids with the same as length, size and year-old together. Tree Fern Orchid Boards. $22.78 $ 22.

You can use tree fern panel for a multi-stem orchids such as Dendrobium anosmum, Den.

Fernwood Tree Fern Orchid Mounting Board- Soft, Durable, and Fibrous | Natural and Sustainable | for Orchids and Other Epiphytes | 2 Pack (Regular 12x6x1) 4.0 out of 5 stars 6.