Introducing Under Armour's 2020 Global Brand Platform—The Only Way Is Through.
Under Armour Slogan. Under Armour Inc. is making a big marketing push as football season gets underway. Under Armour Inc. is making a big marketing push as football season gets ... a campaign celebrating the 15th anniversary of its first national TV ads that featured the "Protect This House" slogan. The active wear company Under Armour adopted the phrase "Protect This House" as its motto in an attempt to attract and retain a male customer base, additionally it is a call to all competitors who use their products to stand firm in their resolve to win. Along with this recalibrated focus on the performance journey comes a slogan for the company’s new ad campaign: “The Only Way Is Through.” This phrase is meant to connect with the consumer to inspire them to keep seeking their goals, even through difficult times. Part of this ad campaign will be the 60-second TV commercials, but there will be many other forms of media used to support the new vision. Under Armour’s slogan is “I will.” Which costed the company a lawsuit after Nike sued Under Armour for this. • Under armour’s limited product line is a major weakness. That lead was surrendered again in 2016 but competition with Adidas for the #2 spot remains neck-and-neck. But with its new “I Will What I Want” ads, Under Armour is trying to rebrand itself as gear that can empower female athletes, whether they’re playing soccer or taking a Pilates class. At the core of the brand, Nike supports active lifestyles and pushes people to go further, do more and take on adventures like the young woman in this video from 2013. Coinciding with the start of college football's 150th season, Baltimore-based Under Armour launched a … Face to face, digitally, in competition, and in training, Under Armour shows up wherever athletes live, work, and play.

"I Will." One last drive.

Unanswered Questions. Sportswear maker Under Armour has unveiled a new advertising campaign with the slogan, “The Only Way is Through.”. Under Armour Opportunities Following are the Opportunities in Under Armour SWOT Analysis: 1. Yes, Under Armouris suing Nike over using the "I Will" slogan, stating that Under Armour has used variations of "I Will" dating back to 1998, and that Nike's use of it is infringing on Under Armour's brand and could likely cause confusion, and could "falsely suggest sponsorship, connection or association" with Under Armour.
You're More Than Your Failures. Who or what part did Barbara Spear Webster play on Murder She Wrote. The campaign was unveiled on Tuesday in Baltimore among a global gathering of Under Armour athletes, trainers, teammates and media. Three seconds left on the clock.