Degus should have constant access to good quality hay. 2008-09-15 21:30:48 2008-09-15 21:30:48.

What do domesticated degus like to eat? The basis of a good degu diet is a combination of high quality chinchilla or guinea pig pellets and rodent blocks. A good size portion for one degu is shown in the picture below. Degus are like little kids; They'd rather eat junk food than healthy food.

When fed too much sugar, degus develop diabetes and as such have been used as research models for understanding human diabetes. Fresh veg contains levels of essential amino- and fatty-acids that are an important part of the herbivore diet, and which cannot be easily incorporated into dry feed. Degus are naturally found in northern and central Chile. For the most part, your degu?s diet should consist of good quality hay. To keep a degu, make sure they have the right environment. But when they?re kept as pets, you?ll need to keep a close eye on what you feed your degu. Degus can’t digest or metabolise sugar and carbohydrates and they’re very prone to diabetes so it’s important to make sure they get the right diet. If your degus are very picky about what veg they eat (if any), try mixing your veg with fresh or dried herbs (degus love the smell and taste) and a sprinkle of natural, rolled oats.

I have gathered a few lists …

In the wild, they primarily eat fibrous vegetation that is naturally found in the Chilean mountains and plains. Hay is much more important than commercial degu nuggets and should constitute the majority of the degus diet. A mix of guinea pig and chinchilla pellets, the ones without molasses, are best.
Compared to some other rodents, degus in the wild consume large amounts of fibre.

They are herbivores, or vegetarians, which means that degu food should never contain any meat.

What do degus eat?
This veg dish contains carrot, cabbage, peas and fresh herbs (mint, chives, oregano and basil). Have you been wondering, “What do degus eat in the wild?” Degus are naturally found in northern and central Chile. We often hear from owners who rely solely on easy but unvaried diets, such as only scrambled eggs or leftover vegetable scraps. What do degus like to eat?

These are healthy for your Degu to eat and they also help wear down their teeth.

Hay: The majority of a degu’s diet should consist of good quality hay, such as Timothy Hay or Meadow Hay.

Chinchilla or Guinea Pig pellets with NO fruit, seeds, peanuts, or colored pieces. What do wild degus eat? In the wild, they primarily eat fibrous vegetation that is naturally found in the Chilean mountains and plains.

Grass hay (such as timothy hay) should be available at all times and a small amount of alfalfa hay can also be offered. What do degus eat? A degu is a small rodent which comes from Chile. Wiki User 2010-05-29 16:37:02. They are friendly, curious creatures and can make excellent pets. Good quality hay. Degus are herbivores (vegetable-eaters) that eat leaves and shrubs in the wild. The answer is a balanced, varied diet of prey, meat, fruit, vegetables with appropriate supplements. Wiki User. What Do Degus Eat? vitamin c, that have no sugar or molasses, and that has no salt. Carbohydrate and protein-rich diets may also prove to be dangerous to the Degu.

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