Nene Goose Bakery is located near endless parking options, allowing diners to find quick and easy parking. The Food Company Market & Cafe Cafes, Salad, Sandwiches 0.08 mi away. By the mid 1950s Nēnē was scarce due to hunting, mongoose, dogs, and cats. By the mid 1940's only 50 birds remained. Look no further than Nene Goose Bakery, a local restaurant with affordable prices. The Nene, sometimes referred to as the Hawaiian Goose, is actually a close relative of the more familiar Canada Goose. The Nene goose is Hawaii's state bird. India Bazaar Madras Curry Indian, Vegetarian, Vegan 0.01 mi away. Perhaps 25,000 nēnē existed in Hawai`i when Captain Cook arrived in 1778. The female incubates 1-5 eggs for 30 days while her often life-long partner watches guard. It is endangered because lots of pests eat their eggs, and they eat the birds. Though it is a strong and frequent flyer, its short wings, long legs and reduced webbing between its toes indicate that it often walks and seldom swims. Fines for violations are between $250 and $1,000 […] The Nēnē is also the state bird of Hawai'i (since 1957). The nene feeds on both native and introduced plants in the grasslands and relies on the moisture from fog and dew, and that contained in the plants it eats.

Measuring a little more than two feet in length, the handsome Nene is mostly brown, with a buff-colored neck, black face, and black head. Nene The Nene, also known as Nēnē and Hawaiian Goose, (Branta sandvicensis) is a species of goose endemic to the Hawaiian Islands. Nene Goose Bakery, Kailua: See 15 unbiased reviews of Nene Goose Bakery, rated 5 of 5 on Tripadvisor and ranked #78 of 133 restaurants in Kailua. While it eats it moans the soft nay-nay sound after which it is named. It's definitely time for you to make a beeline to the heavenly confections of Nene Goose Bakery's bakery. The Nene is purely herbivorous. But, its population is quickly growing. Nene breed in the Fall and Winter. Yen Yen Chinese Cuisine Chinese 0.06 mi away. ("Nene or Hawaiian Goose", 2005; Banko, et al., 1999) Communication and Perception Other than threat and mating displays and sounds described previously, vocalizations are used to communicate with family members, solidify territory, send alarm calls, and threaten predators. Nene Goose Bakery Bakeries 0.00 mi away.

Mongoose (Herpestes javanicus) Regulatory Status: Hawaii Injurious Wildlife (HAR 124). Waipuna Sushi It eats … The Nēnē is an endangered bird descended from the Canadian Goose.

Looking for tasty and cheap eats? In the late 50's concern mounted that the Nēnē would become extinct and efforts were undertaken to try to protect the species. Nearby Eats. It is against Hawaii State law for any person to introduce, keep or breed any mongoose within the State except by permit from HDOA; permits are not issued for Kauai County or the island of Lanai. Our remaining goose is also a herbivore.

Nene have the longest nesting season of any wild goose species; eggs are laid in the winter months from August to April, although most eggs are laid during November to January.