(sorry if the picture is small, I kept trying to make it bigger but it won't let me) (I might edit Bee later) Bumblebee's appearance is based off of bombus (bumblebee). She has dark forest-green scales, with gold flecks all across them, including along the edges of her green wings and talons … Bumblebee is my own dragon (If you get the reference later on in his profile,then good job) He is still in development, so this is his personality and appearance and other stuff.

I was waiting the entire third ark for Wings of Fire is owned by Scholastic and Tui T Sutherland! This subreddit is dedicated to Wings of Fire.

Anyway happy She is a member of the PoisonWings. loved sundew and willow, and they finally get to go to pyrrhia and meet other dragons!

The whole Sundew + Willow thing is amazing. Half the fandom also ships This is a non-profit fan project! Don't even get me started on how much I love Bumblebee! His scales … A New York Times bestselling fictional series by Tui T … I Tried to make my comic fit into one page. For the next wings of fire series I vote that it’s just Qibli and Winter foing a buzzfeed unsolved: true crime series where they try to figure out Pyrrhia’s most notorious crimes Their first episode could be like “let’s uncover the REAL truth behind the murder of prince Arctic” like tui I would like to place one book order please Sundew has a small and wiry body and a face similar to her mother's. 6.1k members in the WingsOfFire community.

Please support the official release! I hope it’s still legible lol. Wings of Fire arc three prophecy theories, feel free to just ignore this and move on with your day, because honestly, I don't even know anymore. Spoilers for book 13, maybe, sorta, yes, there are some, either read it or don't, … Sundew is a female LeafWing and a major character in the Lost Continent Prophecy arc of the Wings of Fire series.
THIS PAGE IS UNDERGOING A MASSIVE REVAMP* Bumblebee is a young female SnudooWing and the one character half the fandom memes because of one word in the entirety of The Poison Jungle. Buy 'Sundew and Bumblebee' by luckoftheclaw as a Sticker, iPhone Case, iPhone Wallet, Case/Skin for Samsung Galaxy, Throw Pillow, Tote Bag, Art Print, Canvas Print, Framed Print, Art Board Print, Photographic Print, Metal