LaurieM added Chestnut 9 LaurieM added Nibbles 2 Nutty 6 Beatrix Potter's Squirrel Nutkin is a classic character from literature, who had a brother... Squirrels in Cartoons. Skippy 5 The family Sciuridae contains 51 genera and 279 species. 24kanevil added As far as names go there seems to be only 1 named squirrel, Pattertwig. Chipper 4 Peanut 3 Squirrel Names Squirrel Family Taxonomy. SophieAngel added Squirrel Names Squirrels generally cannot be kept as pets, and shouldn’t be considered in states that have laws against such thing.

Adorable Squirrel Names Pudding Cookie Biscuit Timmy Ollie Josh Pete Peaches 10 24kanevil added Rocky 7 Just in case the name wasn’t a dead giveaway, the red giant flying squirrel is big, red and it can fly (well, it’s gliding and flying, but it’s impressive nonetheless). However for those who legally can obtain and care for a squirrel you might want to also give it a name while you’re caring for him or her. Despite their relatively small sizes (some can be as big as a small dog though) squirrels did take part in many battles throughout the history of Narnia. Within the family, there are five... Squirrels in Literature.

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