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194 Reviews #35 of 72 Spas & Wellness in Ko Pha Ngan. The Agama Global Network is a supportive worldwide community of official Agama Yoga Centers and active international Yoga instructors who are authorized to teach the Agama Yoga curriculum. Agama Yoga; Search. 5★Reviews, World Class Yoga Teachers, Training School with Small Classes, Yoga Alliance Certified. Trika (Agama) Yoga in Rishikesh.

200 Hour Training Courses from 1180 including room and meals.

This is the absolute best of both south and north Thailand in 18 days!

“Agama is an authentic tantric path. News Feed.

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Agama Yoga. 9/14 The Guardian publishes an article about Agama Yoga shutting down. 4/17/19 - Jezebel releases a short documentary on the abuse scandal at Agama Yoga.. 11/23 - Longtime Agama director Maha posts that she has resigned from Agama Yoga citing stress and the toll on her health.. 9/14 - Agama’s “Shambhala Hall” catches fire in the middle of the night.See video. Today, there are very few places in the world, in where this kind of yoga, this kind of practice, this kind of knowledge is being preserved and Agama Yoga have been given the responsibility, the stewardship of preserving these things. Affordable Yoga Training. Please consult government travel advisories before booking.

Best Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh. Agama is the path of the agamas (of the tantric texts) of the tantric tradition from India and Tibet.

Get Your Yoga Teaching Certificate. Standard. Agama Yoga India, Rishikesh, India. Agama is a unique international school offering its students the esoteric spiritual path of true Integral Yoga. Though many were excited and satisfied with the classes, I thought the style of the class was not for me. 2,117 likes. I heard about Trika yoga classes in Rishikesh 4 years ago, but did not want to go there based on the description of classes from different people.

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