28:25. Can anyone find that on youtube - it was Alexei Sayle on 'The Young Ones' I think. We are working to confirm new dates for the performances ... for the Autumn, and will update you as soon as this information is available. He’d like to stay at home with his cat but he’s still really funny, dangerously political and wildly energetic so he feels compelled to do a live tour. 0. dorydaryl Posts: 15,573. The All New Alexei Sayle Show 2 - BBC 1995 - Anarchic Comedy Insights From The Scouse Sartre. The first leg of the journey is Aleppo to Lattakia on the Mediterranean coast. Alexei Sayle - 'Ullo John! by Chillmax. Alexei Sayle delivers a mixture of stand-up, memoir and philosophy. The least you can do is to come and see him. ALEXEI SAYLE might have been in the comedy business for 40 years, but he’s not lost any of his flair for contemporary analysis. Alexei Sayle has been performing standup for forty years since the day he invented modern comedy. Comedian Alexei Sayle attempts to travel from Aleppo in Northern Syria to Aqaba in Jordan on the Red Sea, by a variety of trains. Not bad except for the minor detail that the Bourbons were the French royal dynasty that were deposed by the Revolution and briefly restored after Napoleon. Gotta New Motor? The Alexei Sayle events on Tuesday 17th March 2020 and Wednesday 18th March 2020 have been postponed. PETER CAPALDI's Punk Band The Dreamboys with Craig Ferguson - The Graham Norton Show on BBC AMERICA . His take that ‘austerity is the idea that the 2008 financial crash was caused by Wolverhampton having too many libraries’ has … On arrival at Lattakia, Alexei takes a taxi to al Siwar restaurant where … 3:29. by BBC America (TOTP 1984) by softladification.

Alexei Sayle The writer, actor and comedian on the joys of cheap restaurants, Otto Dix and that single seat under the stairs on London buses Sun … There are currently no available episodes The godfather of British alternative comedy, Alexei Sayle is always at the edge of catastrophe. This piece proves what I’ve always thought – that Alexei Sayle is the wisest as well as the funniest person in the UK. ALEXIE SAYLE - RONNIE KRAY by kitch77. Available episodes of Alexei Sayle's Imaginary Sandwich Bar.