... in vain: without success. ... 234) In vain- Useless, without the desired result. Mobile Apps. Apple; Android; Kindle; Windows; Windows Phone; Free Tools. For instance, 'a load of cobblers' has nothing to do with shoemakers and when people tell you to 'break a leg' they don't really mean it (click on the links to see what they do mean}. ... Idioms are phrases that, taken literally, would either make no sense at all or have an entirely different meaning from the idiomatic definition.

Too much work and no play Can make a brain go astray! 235) In your face- An aggressive and bold confrontation. This PDF file contains 600 Idioms & Phrases depicted from previous papers, The Hindu Newspapers and other newspapers. Apple; Android; Kindle; Windows; Windows Phone; Free Tools. in vain phrase. vain phrase. ... More from Idioms and phrases. What does in vain expression mean? John accepted his son's choice but was really upset and felt all his efforts had been in vain. in the wrong: responsible for an error; guilty. This is the British English definition of in vain.View American English definition of in vain.. Change your default dictionary to American English. This article lists direct English translations of common Latin phrases. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples A list of commonly used idiomatic phrases that begin with prepositions. Definition of in vain in the Idioms Dictionary. Definition of vain in the Idioms Dictionary. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. Inside. In vain definition: If you do something in vain , you do not succeed in achieving what you intend . Some of the phrases … Mobile Apps. ... All (day, week, month, year) long- The entire day, week, month, year. Determined to live and stay Can lead life into a long way.” ― Ana Claudia Antunes, The Tao of Physical and Spiritual. An idiom is a phrase but it is different from other phrases in that you can't understand its meaning from the words it is made from. In vain - Idioms by The Free Dictionary ... More from Idioms and phrases. Of. And all the efforts seem vain, It's advised to fight like a sage: Be powerful like a bullet train! Definition and synonyms of in vain from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.. More than one dictionary uses similar examples to illustrate in vain. Vain - Idioms by The Free Dictionary. inside out: with the inner side out. What does vain expression mean? Take Merriam-Webster (vain): ―in vain.