There’s something about bees that we absolutely love. Here are 30 cute love puns perfect for all your Valentine's Day content. Is your mouth watering? It wasn’t on porpoise! Dogs hold the title of man’s best friend.
Cats are some of the best animals ever.They're quiet. They're fluffy.

because their horns don't work! Also check out our other funny jokes. In fact, most of them are downright ridiculous.

40 Animal Puns that will quack you up! From food puns to sports puns to animal puns, these "I love you" puns make for A+ text messages to your lover. But if you don't want to be too over-the-top with the lovey-dovey stuff, opt for a pun in your Insta caption. Menu Skip to content. 4. Animal Puns. thumb_up 24. The dog simply walking into the room is enough to make my toddler burst into laughter. These dog puns work well for any occasion. Rat puns are more creative than some cat and dog puns you always see or read in a Disney film. Book. 2. Rat jokes are tweeted on social media more often than you may think and these go well beyond 'ratatouille' which is such an overused rat name. The Ultimate List Of Cute And Funny Bee Puns. Here is another list of some the funniest puns on the internet. Animal Puns. This list of bird puns took us a while. Check also our animal puns if you want more fun. Take a second and do the "write" thing and let us know what you think or … But most of all, they lend themselves extraordinarily well to all types of jokes. A: Flea markets! It’s irrelephant. In a bap or burger, grilled, steamed and fried, with or without mustard and a side, always with fries - they are the most delicious meat treat available... ed: Can we make it less about eating and more about gentle fun please? Animal Jokes and Puns. Where do orcas go to listen to music?

As much as we love writing puns, we also love reading your comments about the puns! A cheese got sliced into a million pieces, that’s grate. “Corgi” Rae Jepsen!

Animal Puns. Now, a pun or paronomasia is a kind of word play we really enjoy. Looking for funny and corny animal jokes? Humans will just love the animal furever. The theme today however is animals, lots of them. They’re cute, round, and fuzzy! From puppies to big dogs to guard dogs, there’s a type of dog breed or mutt for any personality. The Ultimate List Of Cute And Funny Bee Puns.

160+ Otterly Terrific Kid-Friendly Animal Jokes And Puns Everyone Will Love. Animal Puns. 1. Get your paws, claws and fins on these funny animal puns. They will turn your senses like crazy and make you lit the fire outdoor just to have the adventure and fun. That a Promise Leave this field empty if you're human: Subscribe to Newsletter. While animal puns are hilarious we really enjoy these rat puns more than the pet pun list we wrote. They’re cute, round, and fuzzy!