The simple reason?

I recently picked up an Audient ASP-880 to add 8 more inputs to my Apollo Twin (works brilliantly by the way) - the vast majority of the time I bypass the preamplifiers and go directly to the A/D stage - makes gain staging easier, and probably improves the S/N ration by a couple dB.

Since then, Audient’s small team have grown the iD family to include the single channel iD4, the solid yet ultra portable iD14 and the desktop master that is the iD44.

A quel punto valuterei una RME Babyface Pro o una Apogee Duet, anche se rispetto alle funzionalità della Audient risultano inferiori. A similar device is the Focusrite Forte, which has a remarkably similar set of features.

Propellerhead Balance. Focusrite Forte. Universal Audio Apollo Twin. Sulla id44 hanno "sistemato" queste mancanze ma costa 200 euro in più.

Connection Type: USB 2.0.

Audient's Sono is an audio interface designed specifically with guitarists in mind — and that doesn't mean just adding a high‑Z instrument input and then saying 'job done'.

Inspired by our 20 years of expertise in analogue hardware design, iD44 is Audient's most powerful audio interface yet. Featuring four of Audient's acclaimed console mic preamps, class-leading conversion, ADAT expandability, and more; iD44 puts the performance of an Audient console on your desktop. The Audient iD Range: iD4, iD14, iD22 & iD44 Back in 2013 the team at Audient launched their first small form-factor audio interface the iD22.

Audient Sono. Aimed at guitarists, Sono features a 12AX7 driven tube amp style preamp and onboard power amp and cabinet modelling from Two Notes. RME Babyface Pro. The price tag is a point of interest, as 500 to 600 USD audio interfaces rarely feature extensive connectivity, console-quality preamps, and aluminum builds. Per una scheda davvero di livello superiore come una Apollo siete sopra i 1000 euro. I/O: 10/4 (2x mic/line, 1x instrument in, 8 Optical in, 2x line out 1x headphone out 1x reamp out) Street Price: $449 USD Steinberg UR28M. The Audient iD44 is available now for pre-order at select retailers, priced at 577 USD. A questo prezzo è un regalo che vi fate. I've been using a FR Scarlett for a few years and always heard how Audient preamps and AD/DC were "better". Full SMUX double speed capability; For <48kHz operation, a single optical cable is connected to the top (1-4) ADAT port (provides 8 channels @ 48kHz) For >48kHz operation, two optical cables should be used (4ch on each for full 8ch operation @ 96kHz) ADAT SMUX. After several listening sessions comparing it between; a friends MacBook and Apollo interface, my custom-built PC with the Audient iD44, and my PC again with a XONE: 43C with its built-in sound card, it blew the other two out of the water.

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