AYO's blue-turquoise light is the most efficient kind of energizing light, requiring just 120 lux to achieve an effect similar to 10,000 lux of white light, while being very gentle on your eyes.

It is also fully adjustable so that you can customize it the way you like. Pegasi 2 is a light-weight light therapy glass that charges really fast and emits blue-green light while the AYO light therapy glass can be charged wirelessly through the case or charged directly with micro-usb cord.

I feel many energy and don't have any sleep issue at all now. We also checked the reviews on Amazon, and so far everyone else is also raving about these glasses. The light weight one size fits all design means it is comfortable for both men and women to wear. AYO glasses were voted as the best light therapy device for treating seasonal affective disorder and depression from LightTherapyDevice.com, which gives unbiased led light therapy reviews. The AYO therapy glasses is very slim and light weight.
Luckily I google about more light therapy glasses and see AYO light therapy glasses. The beauty of these glasses … In our popularity score Luminette 2 Glasses ranks #33 out of 139 and Ayo Blue Light ranks #49 out of 139. A detailed review comparing ayo vs luminette light therapy glasses, ayo vs pegasi light therapy glasses, and pegasi vs luminette light therapy glasses. I highly recommend AYO to anyone who has insomnia, it's the best product for sleep problems. Due to how slim it is, it can be easily folded and it is really convenient to carry around. Read more.

It's fairly safe to say that Luminette 2 Glasses is a more popular light therapy product, based on its 300+ reviews. Go to popularity ranking By being exposed to AYO light about 20 minutes a day with the right timing and intensity, your body rhythm will be optimized. This is the best sleep glasses I ever have, I use it everyday for 3 weeks.
... “SAD light therapy has never been so flexible. ... these blue light sleep glasses have been a god send!" AYO is based on over 25 years of scientific research and is fully certified for safety and compliance.