The upper canines penetrate the top of the snout, curving back toward the forehead. This phenomena of piercing the brain is apparently extremely uncommon. The North Sulawesi babirusa (Babyrousa celebensis) is a pig-like animal native to Sulawesi and some nearby islands (Lembeh, Buton and Muna) in Indonesia. 140 points • 44 comments - Meet the Babirusa, a species of wild pig whose males can grow tusks so long it can accidentally impale their own skulls and kill them. - 9GAG has the best funny pics, gifs, videos, gaming, anime Usually, tusks grow continuously while helping the animals to protect themselves or find food in the wild. Elephant tusks aid them in carrying out tasks. The word babirusa … The babirusa (Babyrousa babyrussa) is a bizarre-looking pig from Indonesia.

The distinctive tusks of the babirusa are only present in males, and not all species of babirusa have exactly the same tusk - but the intended function is similar across all of them: The primary use is likely for combat Vary in shape and size but mostly curved, tusks aid the animals in feeding, digging, and surviving. It's also why there's so many animals that die immediately after mating. However, humans highly prize tusks for their ivory. Today i learned about the Babirusa, a species of wild pig with tusks that grow through the roof of its mouth. What's with the bizarre curving tusks? The elephant's tusks are a clear example of this. The males have extraordinary tusks which develop from their canine teeth, growing up through the skull and growing in a curve until it pierces the skull again between the eyes. [2] It has two pairs of large tusks composed of enlarged canine teeth. The babirusa has been called “a wild pig with a dental problem.” What Does Babirus Mean? uncommon. That's why you have fun things like the shitty human knee and pigs who kill themselves with their own tusks. It's also why there's so many animals that die immediately after mating. The U.S.
They keep growing and sometimes kill it by growing into its brain.

Fish & Wildlife Service Forensics Lab defines ivory as any mammalian tooth or tusk of commercial interest which is large enough to be carved. Babirusas, part III When babirusas fight (babirusas, part IV) This little piggy went ploughing (babirusas, part V) The many babirusa species (babirusas, part VI)