Lizards make excellent pets, whether they're bearded dragons, geckos, iguanas, chameleons, or some other exotic type. ... a car or a dog is relatively easy, but finding just the right title for a dragon can be a little daunting. Bearded Dragon Names Based On Fictional Characters. You can use the names in this list of options, or you can use these names to inspire your own creative options. Blackie; Blondie; Crayola; Lilac; Mandarin; Mango; Peach; Midnight; Opal; Rusty; Rhubarb; Red; Sunshine; Tuxedo; Copper; Bearded Dragon Names Based On … Whether you are looking for a dragon name for Dungeons and Dragons or want to write a novel featuring dragons, these female dragon names will help you brainstorm the right options. And as such, they deserve creative names that reflect their uniqueness. So, this particular trait should help you while naming your male dragon pet. Hopefully this list of lizard names proves helpful. We wanted to build something that made names suitable for the epic Dungeons and Dragons campaign we were playing with our friends, but that would also work for World of Warcraft and other online RPGs. Names for your Bearded Dragon: LINKS to related sites Bearded Dragon caresheet Getting 'em to eat their veggies Brumation: dragon hibernation What is herpetoculture?

And don’t let anyone ever tell you lizards don’t have personalities - they most certainly do. The dragon artwork is by an awesome artist friend of mine called Jamie Carr, who was part of that epic Dungeons and Dragons campaign! Therefore, consider the following: Spike Thor Escobar Ursula Hunter Athena Scorpio Hannibal Mystique The rest sound more male, though you should listen to your own intuition. Charizard evolves from Charmander and grows considerably in size as a result.

If you've just adopted a bearded dragon or are considering it and need some great name ideas, here are 230+ names to help name your new buddy! Lilith comes from Hebrew.

Godzilla – This is of Japanese origin Gojira. Badass Male Dragon Names. Her glance was said to turn people to stone, but she was actually mortal. 2. Dragon … Or, if you have a small and sassy dog, you could bring the laughs with an ironic name that crack people up. A bearded dragon is a very friendly species of lizards which can be kept as a pet by “reptile lovers” who cannot have crocs due to legislative norms. So, Lets Start With Some Information Regarding Dragons. As a combination of eight or nine different types of lizards, the name was quickly switched to bearded dragon due to what appears to be a beard underneath the throat area.
Male bearded dragons are more aggressive than females as they tend to be very territorial. Dungeons & Dragons race name generators. Im wondering what I'm going to call my bearded dragon, and I want to know what all of you have chosen for your beardies.

100 Badass Baby Girl Names. 3. Bearded Dragon Names. The best bearded dragon names are the ones that work for you and your family. Lilith. This article will help you make a decision regarding your new lizard’s name. Badass dog names are bold, brawny and a whole lot of fun. Bearded dragons are hardy lizards, but from time to time, problems may arise. Try your luck to find out! Dragon shopping list Dragon egg incubation Dragon egg laying Annotated links Dragon poems Some pictures Taming a baby Taming an adolescent.

Willow. Please practice hand-washing and social distancing, and check out our resources for adapting to these times. Post their names here! I think some names also suited on colors of the dragon so, here we have also compiled with colors like blue, purple, lightning dragon names, etc. 100 Bearded Dragon Names. Badass Male Dragon Names. Jun 23, 2019 - You will find a list of cute, badass, funny, cool, Harry Potter inspired female and male bearded dragon names, also names from history, media and games. Badass Bearded Dragon Names Charizard : Charizard is a Pokemon who looks like a giant orange-colored dragon. 1. Mostly for the bearded dragon looking lizards. Basically, a bearded dragon as tough as yours deserves an ultra badass name. Badass Bearded Dragon Names. I know people who prefer cheesey names and some who prefer cool badass names. Male bearded dragons are more aggressive than females as they tend to be very territorial. Over the years, it has often been a representation of loyalty and faithfulness. In this post, we will talk about bearded dragon eye problems, inability to open one or both eyes, eye infections and discharge, why bearded dragons close their eyes and more. Casanova; Electra; Don Juan; Garfield; Hero; Iago; Juliet; Pinocchio; Moby Dick; Scrooge; Polyanna; Sherlock; Holmes; Tarzan; Sonic; Watson; Bearded Dragon Names Based On Colors. And it came completely out of nowhere, from the mouth of my young daughter. From huge, world destroying creatures, to smaller, more docile beings, and from evil, coarsely scaled behemoths, to friendly, serpentine beasts. 1. Nightshade. Picking the perfect male bearded dragon name can be a little tricky… you want some masculine but also cutes-y in the way pet names are supposed to be!