He said BCC. The size records attained for many large snakes is not based upon a live or even freshly-killed snake, but upon tanned, greatly-stretched hides of said snakes. BCI tend to have either a "circleback" pattern to them, or saddles that dont have peaks in the middle - )( whereas BCC tend to be more < > shaped. Exotic Insanities Member. pitbulllady . But, saddle shapes and tail color is not a definitive way to tell, scale counts are if its not a subspecies mix. I was told the male was a BCI and the female was a BCB or BCC i do not remember.

My best friend gave me two red tail boa constrictors. BCI vs BCC (BCB) Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Exotic Insanities, Oct 1, 2012.

But other than that, they're pretty similar. I recently purchased a boa constrictor and she is just beautiful. I've read up on their care and handling and such and feel fine with that. Width and length measurements are generally to the widest point, including protruding flanges, except for hold-down flanges at the bottom of the battery. With several locals that produce various size, color and pattern variations that for most it is impossible to tell the difference. Though colour isn't an accurate measure, and size isn't always accurate either, but saddle shape can be quite distinguishing between the two subspecies. Aug 25, 2014 #12 Jones0911 Arachnobaron. BCI snakes will have more diamond like patterns, BCC snakes will have a batman symbol like pattern. So I felt good knowing she's a "true red tail". Hey fellow reptile friends! Generally BCC have peaks in the saddles and brighter red/ maroon tail color, BCI usually have orangish to brick red tail color.

BCI have 22 - 30 saddles whereas BCC have 14 - 22. Note 2: The maximum height includes the terminal posts. See the diagrams in the BCI battery Replacement Data Book for full details. I'm new to boas. The red tail on BCCs will be more vibrant then BCCs, depending on morphs of course. My ones a little over a year and a half are on weanling/small rats. my male is extremely bright while my female is very dark. BCI or BCC?

I had to ask the seller if she was BCC or BCI just to be sure.
BCI females only reach a length of 10ft, males usually only around 7 ft. BCC females can reach a length of 13ft, males up to 10ft. Contact BCI, 401 N. Michigan ave, Chicago IL 60611-4267, (312) 644-6610 for more information. One about 7ft the other roughly around 5.5ft.

The main difference between the two, besides size, is the patterns. The main difference is BCI get larger than BCC. Can you guys help me out and maybe provide more info? Now heres my problem. I've never had a BCI to regurg and I've always fed mine the appropriate size. She was listed as a red tail boa on Craigslist and about a year old. But if we …