Bears usually symbolize our strength, power and independence.

In Inuit mythology, the sky god Torngarsuk is sometimes depicted as a polar bear. Bear tattoos, particularly dark, realistic designs, can symbolize the spirit of a warrior and mean raw strength, power, and endurance. In this tradition, the Bear is a representation of Motherhood, Protection, Spirituality, and Wisdom (the animal is usually associated with an elderly kinsman). The bear, as a symbol, is the most common form of art in tattoos these days as they portray different meanings. Polar bear tattoos can be symbolic of a great hunter, and in some cultures are seen as symbols of protection. Surely, Teddy Bear is the most popular toy in the world. Bear Tattoos Meaning. Celtic artistic expression. The Meaning of Bear Tattoos To many, Bears embody a gamut of traits that have varying significance to the wearer. As we’ve mentioned before, the meaning varies depending on the part of the world. You don’t necessarily have to use all three of those meanings, though. Tattoos are all about revealing your identity, the type of person you are, etc.

In Japanese lore the bears and therefore bear tattoo symbolism represents wisdom, stoicism, patience, strength and benevolence. However in other cultures in Europe, the bear was associated with war and Christians regarded it as an extremely cruel animal. The polar bear tattoo can mean courage, physical and spiritual strength, as well as the ability to battle an enemy and push through all adversity.
Unsurprisingly, many people are interested in getting bear tattoos for those reasons and so many more. Native Americans revered it as sacred, believing that a bear has the power to heal. There’s an old legend about a bear that managed to heal itself by eating the leaves of Oxalis oregana.

The bear was a sacred oracle to Ainu, who are an indigenous tribe of Japan. Image:, @hooligan_dcr Source: UGC. Origins and Meanings of Bear Tattoos for Men.

Peace and wisdom Bears are known as creatures of contrast and juxtaposition – they have enormous physical strength, yet they rarely resort to using it to hunt other animals. Since then, California bear has become an essential symbol of independence and liberty — the same meaning is for the California bear tattoo. Bear tattoo meaning in different regions. The bear is one of the most beautiful creatures on earth, and in tattoo form they both look great and have excellent meanings.

If one means more to you than all of the others, then you can disregard all … The Bear Tattoo Meanings. These bear tattoos symbolize everything from unwavering courage, unmatched strength, and protection from attacks. When depicted in a tattoo, bears can represent very different meanings. For example, the seven tribes of the Great Sioux Nation believed that the bears had a power of healing. Bear Tattoos Meaning When depicted in a tattoo, bears can represent very different meanings. Polar Bear Tattoos. Haida Bear tattoos originate from the oldest indigenous tribe in North America, the Haida, who live in British Columbia, Canada, and Alaska.
Polar bears are a deeply spiritual symbol for the peoples of the Arctic.

Some tribes like the Pueblo and Sioux Indians revered the animal and associated it with healing powers. In addition to representing bravery and unlimited power, the bear is looked upon as that of motherhood. There are a number of great bear tattoo meanings to choose from, including the aforementioned strength, power, and nature. In ancient hieroglyphs and cave markings, the bear is thought to be the liaison, or Great Communicator between earth and sky.