What would you recommend for rod length, power, action? What are the best reasonably priced reels out there that many of you use? Participant.
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Hey guys, I am new to musky fishing and am looking for a proper setup but there are just so many options and so many different opinions! I intend to run 100lb braid, do you typically use a fluoro leader or can I use straight braid? However, stay away from entry level gear.

A musky setup for casting is almost always going to require a baitcasting reel.

The best musky rod will have a heavy to medium-heavy fast action ​and is the usual the go to choice for musky… A lot of these musky pros are using long rods, up in the nine-foot range.
IDO » Community » Forums » Fishing Forums » Fishing by Species » Muskie & Pike » Beginner Musky Rig. Given their size they do tend to stay out a little bit deeper than say a pike would but they will still generally both patrol and lie in wait along the deeper edges of larger weed beds. I hear Abu Garcia Ambassedeur is decent, thoughts? Sure a large size 4000 or 5000... Rod​. Muskie are mostly ambush predators and given their markings it's easy to see why they favor weed beds and other dark structures that can help to camouflage them from their prey. When your first starting out, your going to need a rod that can work all of your baits. I am a beginner musky fisherman looking to set up my gear correctly. Rod. Beginner Musky Rig. Here is a basic setup that will get you on the water with the opportunity to catch fish. Musky Rod and Reel Setup Reel.