BenQ calls its PD2700Q 27-inch QHD/IPS display a Designer Monitor. Published on My 15, 2015 | Updated on May 10, 2020 . The BenQ PD2700Q is a great all-around monitor; if photography is your hobby, then you really can’t go wrong with a display at this price.

Review of the BenQ SW2700PT monitor. Their monitors range in size from compact to large with resolutions up to 4K, so it’s easy to find the right monitor for your space. Price $300-499. I will be reviewing the build construction, picture quality, and overall technical performance of the GW2765HT, including input lag performance.

Check out our hands-on review and benchmark tests to find out. The BenQ PD2500Q is a 25-inch 60 Hz monitor with a 4ms (GtG) response time that retails for $300 on Amazon and comes with 3 years of warranty. Pro’s will also find the BenQ PD2700Q is good as a 2nd or 3rd monitor, but the resolution prevents it from being a viable main display. The BenQ GW2765HT is an excellent monitor. Piotr Piatek. The bulk of the BenQ GW2765HT’s depth is due to its circular base, but we can’t complain about that since the screen is stable on any desk and the build quality is superb.

The large monitor has a QHD resolution of … Sorting By. BenQ has also said that all of their PD Series designer monitors will be professionally factory-calibrated going forward. Discover Series product. $700-$899.

The BenQ GW2765HT sports a 27-inch IPS panel with a 2560 x 1440 resolution, 60Hz refresh rate, and 4ms response time. BenQ GW2765HT,2560x1440 Wide Quad HD (WQHD) resolution Stylish Monitor is the perfect choice in styl for crisp images . BenQ also offers monitors for specific tasks like video editing and photography. BenQ SW2700PT, great at images and color which meet my expectations, fits for photographers and specialists working with colours. The 2,560x1,440-pixel resolution and the visually pleasing quality of the IPS panel make the GW2765HT’s sub-£300 price a real steal. This monitor gives many more expensive pro-level devices a run for their money.

Above $900. $500-$699. This is a 27-inch monitor that features an impressive resolution at its price point at 1440p.

The BenQ PD2500Q Designer Monitor is a 25-inch 2K/QHD panel which aims to meet the needs of designers, photographers and digital artists. In addition, their more basic models are a good option for great images on basic desktops.

BenQ touts the individual factory calibration which delivers accurate colours straight from the box. Page 1 BenQ GW2765 Review; Page 2 Image Quality, ... BenQ GL2760-T GW2765HT … Hardware BenQ GW2765HT Pristine Details, Large Screen Featuring a 27-inch 2560x1440 Wide Quad HD (WQHD) resolution, BenQ''s GW2765HT delivers four times the number of pixels compared to an HD resolution ensuring a crisper image than traditional 1080p resolution. Display and Performance. Tried a 4k, 28" monitor but the DPI is too high and since my second monitor is a … This review is for the BenQ PD3200Q 32" 2K(why Amazon, do you insist on mixing different products on the same page?). BenQ’s PD2700Q is usually a little cheaper than the Z27n G2 but more expensive than the Acer V277U. The BenQ PD2700Q uses in-panel switching (IPS) display technology for its 27-inch LED-backlit LCD display. BenQ GW2765HT 27-Inch Photo Editing Monitor First on our roundup of photo editing oriented monitors for under $300 is the BenQ GW2765HT. Tried the ASUS 32" 2K but had blurry text and weird color issues.

BenQ wants to conquer the market of high-end displays and has released, one after the other, two displays in 2015; the PG2401PT (24'' art-graphic) and this SW2700PT much better positioned in …

Is it for designers or is it simply styled that way?

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