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With five blades, the Flamingo Razor has been expertly engineered and thoughtfully designed for all the places you shave. Hi there r/beauty , I recently tried both of these razors and wanted to share my reviews of them both with you all, in case anyone else has been debating trying them. Hi, hello! Photo: Courtesy of Flamingo Flamingo is the latest addition to a small but growing number of body hair-care brands aimed at women — and finding a market for their wares. ABOUT US.

11 Best Foundations You Need Right Now. ABOUT US.

11 Best Foundations You Need Right Now. Flamingo Billie, founded in 2017, is taking a stand against the pink tax — which upcharges women's personal-care products — by creating a razor priced in line with affordable men's razors. Flamingo is not a subscription service, which I prefer. Publishing Team-October 14, 2019. Publishing Team-October 28, 2019. Razors.

Flamingo razors can be bought on their website (that’s where I ordered my starter kit) or in-store at Target or Walmart. Disclaimer: We may receive financial compensations from … Billie vs. Flamingo—We Put These Women’s Razors to the Test. The set comes with the razor handle, two cartridges and a holder. ; Billie is a subscription service, offering a $9 razor with $9 refills, while Flamingo … Billie and Flamingo are two new women's shaving startups making sharp and affordable razors. Have you tried either product? Curious about how women’s razors compare against one another?

Flamingo Razor …

Free shipping for orders over $10. 0. Let’s go in for the throw down: Billie Vs Dollar Shave Club. Flamingo on my left leg and Dollar Shave Club on my right leg, for several days. We are raising the bar for shaving.

Razors. However, each time after that, it will be $24.70 to get eight replacement cartridges and shaving butter.

We’re Billie, a female-first shave and body brand delivering premium quality razors and body care products at half the price. From how well the razors work t to the shipment plans and even the frequency of the razors breaking, we have a lot to cover today. Publishing Team-October 14, 2019. The Flamingo razors sound better on paper but they didn’t work well for me. (My husband thinks I’m bonkers.) Billie vs. Flamingo—Comparing these Two Women’s Razor Clubs In this comparison, I’ll give you a quick look at what you get with both Billie and Flamingo . Prefer a lightweight razor with more airy colorways and want to keep your shaving game strong without having to think about it while supporting a female co-founder, Billie is a great choice.

With the Dollar Shave Club, you can start your subscription for just $5, which includes your razor, four replacement blades, and a travel size shaving butter (which is a decent size) for just $5, which is a great price.. Publishing Team-October 28, 2019.

ABOUT US. Flamingo Razor.

Flamingo's razors. Edit: Thank you guys for your responses! One that's clean, unfussy, and hardworking. Meet the everyday essentials that your top shelf has been missing. Tested: Flamingo Razor, Dollar Shave Club, and My Billie.

6.) 11 Best Foundations You Need Right Now. 2: I bought Flamingo already! Like it should be. Publishing Team-October 14, 2019. You can also buy Flamingo razors at Target, which is a huge plus, too! Here’s the rundown on the three. Makeup.

We’re Billie. Makeup. Billie vs Flamingo vs Venus: The Verdict If you’re in the market for a new razor and see value in a subscription service, Billie would be a great bet. We also considered Flamingo, a five-blade model from the popular razor company Harry’s that looks similar to the Billie but doesn’t use a subscription service.

What are your thoughts? Publishing Team-October 28, 2019.