Talks will in general be 45 minutes in length.

The author’s style and approach remain much the same in Lizard Man. Inside", lived in Bishopville. Over the years, the creature has been seen by numerous witnesses, including a teenager who claimed it attacked him one night near a remote area called Scape Ore Swamp. From the swamplands near Bishopville, South Carolina, come reports of a seven-foot-tall, scaly humanoid creature the locals call the "Lizard Man." Bishopville was known as Singleton's Crossroads for more than a decade before it was renamed in honor of Jacques Bishop. Like the Bishopville Lizard Man, sightings of Momo were reported in newspapers across the country.

The first report can be traced to 1988 when a young man stopped his car on a road near the swamp to change a flat tire in the middle of the night, later claiming he’d been chased by the creature. Felix "Doc" Blanchard, Heisman Trophy winner and "Mr. The 465 acres ... At one point there was a one million dollar reward for anyone who could find and present "Lizard Man".

Follow legend hunter, Lyle Blackburn, as he makes his own journey to uncover the truth behind one of the greatest monster tales to ever rise from the hills and hollers of the American Midwest. Hollomon's brother told reporters that … Hollomon and an unnamed friend were both frightened away by a creature fitting Christopher Davis's description.

Blackburn previously explored the Fouke Monster in his excellent book The Beast of Boggy Creek. In Lizard Man: The True Story of the Bishopville Monster, Lyle Blackburn takes us along on an investigation into a cryptid from the swamps of South Carolina. Bishopville reported seeing the Lizard-Man while collecting water from an artesian well near the Scape Ore Swamp bridge.

Blackburn authored the 2013 book “Lizard Man: the True Story of the Bishopville Monster,” and clocked countless hours of research on the subject with his research partner Cindy Lee, even gaining access to files belonging to former sheriff Liston Truesdale, who treated reports of a Lizard Man with as much care as any other investigation. The schedule is listed below and links will be provided the day of the event. Notable people. Nearly 30 years of lizard man sightings have surfaced from the Bishopville-Scape Ore Swamp area. The Third Annual Lizardman Festival SM will be will be online via Facebook LIVE at this website.