Components: Barley, Cask, Malt, Tiny Blind Cave Fish(5), Water Flask In: Brew Barrel, Tanaan Brew Barrel Yield: 3 On Failure Returns: Cask: 295: 20972: Homemade Bait Slot: AMMO WT: 0.1 Size: TINY Class: ALL Race: ALL This item is not used in any recipes.

Albino Crawfish, Cave Catfish, Cavern Sculpin, Fish Scales, Fungus-Covered Plecostomus, Gravestone Loach, Mossmatt, Tattered Cloth Sandal, Tiny Blind Cave Fish; Crescent Reach(The Serpents Spine) Crescent Perch; Crystal Caverns(Velious) Crystalline Cave Fish, Fish Scales, Fresh Fish, Rusty Dagger, Tattered Cloth Sandal Components: Tiny Blind Cave Fish In: Anizok's Bait Dispenser Yield: 1: no fail: 21964 The name Blind Cave Fish could refer to any species of fish that have no eyes and are found in caves but the name is normally associated with Astyanax mexicanus, also known as the Mexican Tetra. This fish is the most studied of subterranean species because it’s easy to transport and keep in the laboratory.