she’s athletic, and will stick with you no matter what.



not only are they physically beautiful beyond all compared, but are often seen as the girl of your dreams.

Urban Dictionary: Blossom. 3. it's similar to calling some one a peach. she has a humor that can come off as offensive, but isn’t meant to be. blossom is a beautiful, kind, sweet, smart, caring, and hilarious person. Lizzie McGuire stole the ideas from Blossom. The most artistic designs can be created while in the seated position. See more. A TV sitcom about the teenage redhead who has problem with her life. A cherry Blossom is a type person with a beautiful soul. A perfect example of what it is like to be a perfect human being. Cherry blossoms are always kind, polite, and witty. Stain left in underwear after release of gas containing a large unexpected percentage of moisture.

she’s undeniably beautiful. anytime you’re with her, you’ll always have the greatest time of your life. it can be seen as a higher compliment. Leader of the Powerpuff Girls. Blossom definition, the flower of a plant, especially of one producing an edible fruit.

1. she has the funniest laugh, … When a group of armed soldiers fire indiscriminately and kill everything in all directions. A flower. An awesome blossom is an awesome moment in time where it is past and over cool and stellar. Everything is right when awesome blossom applys. she’s so lit, and so fun to hang around. she’ll do anything to make you laugh. Turdblossom is a nickname for Karl Rove, advisor to George W Bush A word close to cool and stellar.