Place them in tall vases to make easy centrepieces for weddings or gather them together to make a beautiful bridal bouquet. Whatever you choose to do, it’s a nice thing to make for table decor and centerpieces, as a gift, or just for fun! Make one crepe paper calla lily or make a few. Not that we need a special occasion for our paper flowers! I use 180gm crepe paper. We are all about the DIY wedding flowers at this time of year. These easy yet stylish paper calla lilies can be used to spruce up a room with a touch of elegance and colour. We have enjoyed making a vase full of crepe paper calla lilies this week. Calla lily with crepe paper - craft tutorial. Crepe paper: Crepe paper is paper with crinkles in it. It is similar to paper streamers but much more dense. I’ve included my own calla lily leaf template in this tutorial. Make This! Comment. Download your calla lily template here.

I made a free pattern for paper calla lily the other day because it was so easy and simple. They are so structurally consistent even the real ones look fake. Enter your email into the form below to get your calla lily templates delivered right to your inbox. You can also try celebrating a loved one’s success at. It is ideally a paper foam flowers template although crepe paper works just as well. Share. Crepe Paper Calla Lily in Crepe Paper Flowers. I strongly suggest buying quality crepe paper because the stretching ability is much greater.

Love It. Candy with a gold or yellow wrapper: You need something to be the yellow center of the lily. Calla lilies flower paper make appropriate gifts for many religious holidays, gift of the flowers for the birth of a new baby or a child’s birthday.