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Yard art?

They have a bright white tail that has a soft, red bar across them and their flight feathers are white too.

I think temperament has more to do with the temperament of the parent stock. Previously, it has alternatively been called Kentucky Reds and Bourbon Butternuts.

An excellent meat breed with an exquisite, rich flavor weighing in at 18 to 30 pounds, you can't go wrong with these beauties.

Key Characteristics The Bourbon Red is an active forager, and does best in a pasture production system. red bourbon turkeys The number one breed of heritage turkeys in our opinion, we absolutely love the deep, striking chestnut color of Bourbon Reds. History The Bourbon Red turkey is names after Bourbon County in the Bluegrass Region of Kentucky. Blue Red Narragansett (aka Dilute Blue Red Bronze) Dilute Lilac (not available for 2018) Blue Narragansett (aka Dilute Red Slate) Lavender (aka Self Blue) (not available for 2018) Lilac Varieties with easy-going temperament: In all my breeding and raising of heritage turkeys, I have never had one that was mean, or would attack. Bourbon Red win out every time. About Bourbon Red Turkeys.

This breed is an American Classic that has a deep, rich red color over most of its body. Turkey temperament. Royal Palm are strikingly attractive and are smaller than most other heritage varieties. Bourbon Red are very nice looking and the chicks are irresistibly cute. I bought 2 fall fire tom poults this summer from bourbon red stock that are now 5 mos old and they are a lot more easy going guys so far. As both are heritage turkeys, they are similar in needs, temperament, livability, broodiness, etc. It is named for Bourbon County, Kentucky and also for it’s unique reddish plumage.

Bigger, meatier birds. The Bourbon Red turkey is a breed of domestic turkey from United States. For meat? The Bourbon Red turkey is currently on the Livestock Conservancy watch list. The variety was developed by J.E.Barbee in the late 1800s from crosses between the Buff, Bronze and White Holland turkeys.