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Read a few of the scientific papers online going on about predation etc.

In add … Do not intentionally breed mice or you may risk losing the mother and the babies, which is rare, but sad. Spiny Pics. Share photographs of your pet spiny mice! Got a tale about your spinies you'd like to share? I breed spiny mice as a hobby (I don't sell them, and have about 2 litters per year. 2: 6: my spinys by gypsy Oct 26, 2005 23:17:50 GMT -5: Stories. They only have 1-3 babies in a litter).

You will receive one welcome email and one email for each litter that is available for the species you select. Monash established a breeding colony of spiny mice in 2003, and later transferred the animals to the nearby Hudson Institute for Medical Research. However, given the sparse information, that doesn't necessarily reflect anything in the animal's biology. to the pollination of P. humiflora, and, in turn, gains the food resources that enable winter breeding. 0: 0: No posts have been made on this board. This video features my 2 … Breeding Spiny Mice - Feeder Food As anyone ever had any success / experience using them as a feeder for ball pythons ? Moderator: DragonTamer. Moderator: DragonTamer. Cape spiny mouse. Found one talking about prescence of spiny mice bones in … contributes significantly. The limited evidence available until recently suggested that spiny mice do have a distinct breeding season, timing their births to the rainy season, which broadly lasts through the southern hemisphere summer.

African spiny mice (Acomys spp.) share away! We also promise not to spam you. The mouse gestation period is approximately 21 days and broken into three distinct stages, the first, second and third weeks, which are similar to a human's first, second and third trimesters. You may unsubscribe at any time. are unique precocial rodents that are found in Africa, the Middle East, and southern Asia. Select list(s) you would like to subscribe to: Rat Adopters Mouse Adopters ASF Adopters Spiny Mice Adopters.