Accipiter fasciatus Show related species.

Northern birds are sedentary, but southern birds tend to be nomadic, and immature birds move north when dispersing during the winter months. Habitat and Distribution.

The Brown Goshawk is widespread through Australia, Tasmania, Wallacea, New Guinea, New Caledonia, Vanuatu and Fiji.

It is mostly nocturnal, coming out during the night to prey upon insects, spiders, centipedes and sometimes small reptiles and frogs. It eats mainly birds; also small mammals, reptiles, amphibians; occasionally insects.

Feeding and diet. Distribution and habitat. Photo: Keith Williams. Found across Australia in timbered habitats. The Brown Goshawk is very similar in plumage to the related raptor (bird of prey) species, the Collared Sparrowhawk, A. cirrhocephalus, which has a notched or square-tipped tail rather than rounded, and has thinner legs and toes and lacks the Brown Goshawk's heavy brow. The comparative distribution and abundance of the two congeneric goshawks of New Caledonia, the White‐bellied Goshawk Accipiter haplochrous and the Brown Goshawk A. fasciatus vigilax, were studied on 100 1‐km 2 sample quadrats spread randomly over the island.

In Australia, it is found mainly in eucalypt forests and woodlands, as well as farmland and urban areas. The Grey Goshawk looks similar to the Collared Sparrow-hawk and the lighter northern form of the Brown Goshawk, with which they share a range, but it has a rounder tail and more uniform brown coloration below and less clearly defined chest barrings.

The Brown Goshawk is a robust predator of vertebrates, such as young rabbits and birds. The Grey Goshawk is found in coastal areas in northern and eastern Australia.

Brown Goshawk (Acipiter fasciatus) Length: 45-55 cm Common. Distribution and habitat.

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Distribution. Singly and in pairs, frequenting heavily timbered districts, the margins of water courses and scrub.

The reporting rate for Brown Goshawks over the Atlas period has remained quite stable, with most years having birds reported on approximately 6% of checklists. Distribution. Brown Goshawk Scientific name: Accipiter fasciatus Family: Accipitridae Order: Accipitriformes Status: Least Concern. Also called Australian Goshawk, Grey-headed Goshawk and Chicken Hawk. Their prey is usually less than 500g but occasionally up to 1kg. They are also found in New Guinea, the Lesser Sundas, New Caledonia and the New Hebrides. In the Pacific, it mainly inhabits rainforest.

The brown goshawk is widespread through Australia, Wallacea, New Guinea, New Caledonia, Vanuatu and Fiji.

Northern and eastern Australia. The Brown Goshawk is widespread through Australia, Tasmania, Wallacea, New Guinea, New Caledonia, Vanuatu and Fiji.