There are adorable bird videos all over YouTube, featuring little feathered friends singing, whistling, dancing — and sometimes even carrying on conversations. 1 decade ago. Cockatiels wolf whistling. Isn't it just ADORABLE????? 1:18. Browse more videos.

I apologise or my brothers mouse like noises and my dogs barking, this video is around four years old so sorry about my thirteen year old stage. Subscribe my channel and Get new videos Thanks for watching SUBSCRIBE Like Comment Share source. 2:14.

Answer Save. 1:27. My little cute cockatiel learned to talk and whistle at the actual age 4 months so after 2 months of having him he learned to talk and sing. Feel better Isabella (Cockatiel whistling) Xentamo. Baby Spyro the cockatiel practicing talking, whistling and singing. Mine does that too. Cockatiel Cat Call Whistle! Cockatiels wolf whistling. cockatiel wolf whistle? 0:36. Relevance. Lv 4. runningwolff50 Reply 20/09/2018 at 05:00. Bob the cockatiel whistling La Cucaracha. Lavera Trotter. 2:38. His name is Charlie and he's 1 and a half now. 1:33. Related posts: Cockatiel bathtime! I know it is hard to do, but i wonder if i could do more with her. Cockatiels are expert whistlers and will learn to mimic whistles that they hear from their humans, television and the radio. Cockatiels wolf whistling. It just means that you prob have a boy cockatiel and one that is happy making cute noises!

My Cockatiel Floyd very busy whistling and singing. Cockatiel going wolf whistling … 1:47. Cockatiel Whistling "Addams Family" Khalilah Cotton . This can be quite cute, because there are a lot of recognizable whistles, from the standard cat-call (or wolf-whistle) to the Andy Griffith television show theme. 1:18. Yata Reply 20/09/2018 at 05:00.

Eric Eller. Cockatiel Having Sex Then Whistling " Whistle While You Work" ViralHog, LLC. Milo the Cockatiel Shows off Whistles . Furryjealous. Login to reply the answers Post; weldin. YOUNG COCKATIEL SAYING MANY WORDS AND WHISTLING. 6:02. So how can you teach a bird like a cockatiel to sing songs and do things like wolf whistles? I LOVE MY COCKATIEL!!!!! … Ravenchief. My Cockatiel whistling a lot. 1:39. Whistle. Report. Maurice Tate. Maurice Tate. 4 years ago | 16 views. Cayuga mommy. Most of these amazing birds don’t have trainers, but patient caregivers. 6 Answers. Favorite Answer. Cockatiel going wolf whistling crazy! Teaching my cockatiel to wolf whistle My bird Peter was a very noisy and music loving cockatiel. Maurice Tate.

What does it mean exactly when they do that? Fonyamry. 3:33. 3 years ago. source. 2. Cockatiels wolf whistling. I had a need to film everything. 0 2 0. Playing next. Wonuanry.

I have a female cockatiel who i trained to wolf whistle. Dwaine Pablo. Whistle to train Cockatiel – Wolf Sexy – Easy You need to leave a space of time (20 secs) between sounds to allow the bird to capture the melody. Follow. 5:50.

Here are some tips.