Configured to RAID1 mode for TS-WXL/R1. Use a new OP-HD disk only.

In order to replace your existing drives with bigger ones is to destroy the RAID and start from scratch. ... Upgrade (or replace) the existing LinkStation hard drive.

WSS 2016 and 10 GbE – 2-Bay Business NAS. Page 12 Right-click your TeraStation's icon and select Settings.

This article based on work by DC and frontalot. Mark the order of drives using paper stickers or a soft ink marker. Drives in a RAID 0 array or JBOD mode do not automatically turn off in the event of a malfunction. Back in 2005, i bought a Buffalo Terastation 1TB NAS (Network Attached Storage).

This article based on work by DC and frontalot. Replacement Hard Drives for TeraStation™ TS1200D and TS1400D and LinkStation™ 220 and 420 TS1200D0202, TS1200D0402, TS1200D0602, TS1200D0802.

Note: If dismounting multiple drives at the same time, dismount all drives first; when the status is displayed as "Dismounted / Plugged" in .

Network drives or external USB drives are preferable. From the Buffalo Bios folder run the firmware updater follow the steps prompted to begin the firmware update.

Before replacing the failed drive, either dismount the drive from Settings, or shut down the TeraStation. Buffalo guarantee to replace a drive immediately if one fails. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles of other NAS boxes, but after 7 months of use it's been perfect for my family's needs, mainly as a media server and data backup. If you want to replace a defective hard disk, just let us know. Incidentally, another option is to remove all drives, replace all at once, and reload the firmware from "Emergency Mode" using the TSupdater tool and the firmware from the Buffalo website.

If the TeraStation is off, then all drives are already dismounted and may be unplugged safely.

We have a small intranet network with six computer stations and a shared printer. Last week one of the drives died after a power outage (we get a lot of outages on san jose ave), and today i fixed it. Settings. The later version, Nav2, has made setting up this unit very easy. Managing data, backups and data sharing in a production environment or larger business is made easy with this NAS operating system. Methods - There are two ways to go about this: This hard drive has the boot up log information and will allow you to update the firmware version, and allow you to log back into the web interface to add your three new hard drives to the hard drives listing. for all drives, disconnect them. Basically its a backup device – a mini-computer box with 4 harddrives, each 250GB, or 1TB total.