ORLANDO, Fla. — Florida's number of confirmed coronavirus cases is now over 70,000 as it set another daily record.

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You're just tuning in, We're getting a live view of the new Orlando Ballet building. your password Welcome! Check out this hallway that was paid for by Orlando Health. About 1,900 new cases were confirmed Friday, continuing an upward trend propelled partly by increased testing but also by a higher percentage of tests coming back positive. Funny how MAGA folks can scream in the faces of cops, holding machine guns, in state houses, and cops are able to show restraint. Log into your account. This guy's on. The twenty-first issue of our monthly penny saver/zine-inspired print edition of Bungalower is out on the town, y’all. Check that against whats happening in LA and Chicago with unarmed protesters. Take a little walk through let's go peek in this window.

Keep informed of everything you need to know about the coronavirus (Covid-19), the stats, breaking news, latest updates, and etc.

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